Darnyelle A. Jervey, Belief Barrier Breaker And Top Business Coach, Shares How To Speak The Incredible

In honor of Women Walking in Their Own Shoes month, we present Darnyelle A. Jervey. Jervey is changing the speaking circuit with her “Speak the Incredible” seminar.  She is a dynamic leader, business coach and one of the top motivational speakers today. Jervey travels the country teaching and inspiring women to shatter their fears and rise up and take center stage in their lives. Jervey is a game changer. She touches people’s souls and encourages them to live without limits. As Jervey puts it, “I’m a BBB: Belief Barrier Breaker.” Despite a challenging upbringing, Jervey is the epitome of a “woman walking in her own shoes,” which is the celebrated national theme this month.

Jervey is a woman who has beat the odds since day one, surviving being born to a drug-addicted mother. Today she is an extremely successful businesswoman and is now helping others do the same. Jervey is an empowering business coach and speaker that shows by example how women can learn to walk in their own shoes.

Author of five books, she’s also on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Business Owners Delaware. Jervey is a recipient of the Emerging Leader Award, and has been featured on the World Network, ABC and Fox News.

On November 6-8, 2014 Jervey will be hosting a three day “Speak the Incredible” event just outside of Philadelphia in Delaware. This seminar is “an intensive” as she calls it, and she only accepts 30 people in order to make sure every single attendee gets the attention they need to grow their business. The event dives deep into three topics:

1) How to leverage speaking – The Power of “Speaking the Incredible”;

2) How to own the stage – How to position yourself to get the groupie line, and what to do with the groupie line; and

3) The business of speaking the incredible – How do you set your rate, how do you negotiate, what marketing materials do you need, etc.

“I have seen the other speaking programs and events on the market,” Jervey says, “they either teach you how to build your talk, or how to get booked, or they gloss over everything. This is a three-day intensive where we go deep on those three topics.” Speak the Incredible is for both novice speakers and experienced speakers alike. No matter what stage of business someone is in, there is always better and more effective ways to communicate with clients and have them react in the desired way. What Jervey is confident will happen to those that attend her event is that “they will walk away with the marketing strategy to fill their date book for speaking opportunities in 2015.”

Two such examples of this are Tosh and Chris, both who attended last year’s event. Tosh had booked speaking engagements before, but had never been paid for them. She attended “Speak the Incredible” and within seven days of the event, she booked her very first $5,000 keynote speaking event. Chris was able to use the lessons she learned at “Speak the Incredible” to parlay a previously booked free speaking event into $15,000 in revenue.

Jervey is certainly a woman walking in her own shoes, having risen from a troubled childhood to the pinnacle of success. During her time with Mary Kay, Jervey won two pink Cadillacs, the first one within only five months after making the leap and starting her own cosmetics consultancy business. Now it is her aim to help others use the power of speech to achieve the same level of success she has. It’s about the power of story and finding ways to get those “me too” moments. Clients want to be able to “see themselves in everything you’re sharing,” she says.

“Speak the Incredible” still has about ten seats available. For anyone interested in attending, make sure to visit http://www.speaktheincredibletraining.com for the full details. It all starts the same way: “Having anything you want happens as soon as you make the decision.”

For more information about Darnyelle A. Jervey visit: http://darnyellejervey.com/.