Daniel Wallen is Inspiring People to Move Beyond Fitness to Fabulosity

The fitness and health industry is flooded with voices pushing people to get fit, but there is a new voice emerging. A new voice that is quickly garnering a following.

The voice is from Daniel Wallen.

He’s a fitness professional who has delivered fitness results through personal training, but found his clients wanted something more. His clients wanted … a life.

That’s right, life isn’t all about fitness. Life is busy and filled with relationships, countless sources of stress, and nearly endless demands for our time. Fitness often only addresses one small aspect of life, what workout are you going to cram into today’s schedule. What about the rest of life?

Daniel Wallen started a movement, aptly called The Wallen Way. This approach is more, dare I say, holistic. The Wallen Way embraces the challenges of life and spends time addressing the psychology of our self-image, the confusion surrounding our diet, our time management (or lack-thereof), and the benefits of nurturing supportive relationships. Combine all of that together and his clients weren’t just becoming fit, they were becoming fabulous.

When he published his first book, Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous, the respond was tremendous. That process unlocked a fire within to help others; more people than he could through his own personal training efforts. That vision is still emerging, forming, and growing. Just like the movement.

His followers have helped him coin a new term fabulosity. Discovering your fabulosity with Daniel Wallen is all about improving your body and life. Together. This movement focuses on fitness for sure, but at the same time delves into relationships, time stressors, and builds a community. Body and Life.

But recognize that The Wallen Way is not for everyone. His audience is primarily women, wrestling with life challenges. His readers focus on relationships, body image, stress and time in life. Four of the most common struggles he hears from his readers include:

  • Learning to love yourself
  • Making sense of what to eat
  • Dealing with negative thoughts
  • Staying motivated to do the work

To meet their needs he focuses on giving them more than just a workout plan. Daniel works to understand the roots of what is getting in their way, such as the time and stress keep them from understanding the basics. He wants his clients and readers to be able to say:

I am loving, mindful, deliberate, and strong.

Or perhaps more to the point …

Love Your Damn Self

While the movement is good and gaining momentum, some people wonder why Daniel has shifted to focus on writing more than training. The answer comes from a vision and longing to help more people. The reality is a desire to reach further. Personal training isn’t going away, but the reach can be broader with written content.

His writing recognizes that there is more to life and we are busy. So the first thing you’ll find in reading Daniel’s writings is that he edits mercilessly. There is no fluff. He cuts right to the chase. His mantra is to get it done in 100 words, instead of 1000. So be ready to say you’ve heard of Daniel Wallen and his quest to help people discover their fabulosity and love your damn self.

The movement has begun and he’s actively helping people move beyond fitness to fabulous. Daniel is in the process of completing a new book, online magazine, and a series of mini-books with the help of some fabulous female trainers and bloggers. He hesitates to put a date on this as the project is much grander than anything else he’s ever tackled, but he will say this: Expect us.

Readers can connect with Daniel on Facebook or Twitter, or check out his blog at www.thewallenway.com

Source: Troy Pesola from MobiusLife.com