Daniel Robinson Accelerates College Bound Players Chances With Footwork And Speed Training

In high school football there are often a few standouts on the offensive side of the ball. For the receiver position, that is often the fastest kid on the field that can catch a ball when thrown to them. Even the NFL’s Combine has made a big deal out of speed with the most talked about event being the 40-yard dash.

However, as an article from NBCSports.com has recently pointed out, the fastest times at the Combine rarely pan out. In fact, the top 10 Combine speeds over the last 10 years shows that the sub 4.35 second 40-yard dash kings have careers that are not even close to Anquan Bouldin, one of the slowest wide receivers in the NFL with a 4.72 second 40-yard time.

Daniel Robinson knows the value of having footwork and speed that creates separation and is making a big name for himself by coaching others how to ‘break ankles” of the defenders. D-Rob, as his long list of student athletes refer to him, spent time with the Patriots, Bills, and the Eagles in the NFL.

He now focuses much of his personal training business on helping football players create a powerful combination of footwork and speed that allows receivers to get open more than even the fastest players on the field. Think Antonio Brown of the Steelers, not the biggest or fastest, but has an uncanny ability to drive defensive secondaries crazy.

Mr. Robinson says, “It’s not just speed, but the right combination of speed and footwork that can make an otherwise average player catch the eye of a college recruiter.”

With intense footwork training, one-on-one competition during class, and plenty of personalized coaching, his clients have been opening the eyes of their high school coaches and college recruiters on the west coast this summer. So much so, that many defensive backs, running back and even linebackers are now seeking out his coaching to help gain that extra step or two against their competition.

“You know this guy is good when even us parents rave about him, and we see our kids getting wide open on defenders that are 2-3 years older and more experienced.” says Jim Chianese, a parent that has 2 boys training with D-Rob.

Daniel Robinson’s company, 25/8 Elite Training, is a Las Vegas based personal training company. For more information about D-Rob’s footwork, speed and skills training go to http://elitetraining.pro