Daniel Joseph, St. Paul Based Consultant Provides Alternative To Google’s AdWords Program

In an effort to help businesses increase their revenues risk free, Daniel Joseph of Indigo Performance Group announces a new service to generate high quality leads for  businesses advertising on Google AdWords. Google AdWords is the largest advertising platform. With 2013 revenues eclipsing $50 billion dollars, they are the standard for pay per click advertising.

Business owners who want more business using Google AdWords create an ad using their AdWords interface. Their ads will show on the top or right side of the page for their given search term. Once a consumer clicks on that ad, the advertising business is charged for that click. Costs per click vary wildly. Some search terms like “vcr player” costs $1 per click on average. Other search terms like “mesothelioma attorney” costs $240 per click on average. Although it’s a great way to get visitors to a website, sometimes the “clicks” don’t turn into phone calls. If not done correctly business owners can find themselves in a deep hole.

Dr. John Page, owner of a local dentist office explained his experience using Google AdWords. “I blew through a $500 budget in 5 hours without a single phone call,” he said. “I’ve heard great things about the AdWords program from other doctors. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can really put yourself in a bad position.”

Joseph echoed Dr. Page’s comment. “Google AdWords is great, but it’s oftentimes very expensive to get clicks. That’s where my service comes in,” says Joseph. Instead of business owners paying $30 per click hoping for 10% of their clicks to call them, Joseph simplifies the process. He charges $25 on average for each phone call he generates for the participating business.

“This way, it’s fair for everyone involved. If you don’t get a phone call, you don’t pay anything.” He stresses that businesses don’t have to stop their AdWords campaigns to work with him. They can use his service in conjunction with their AdWords efforts. “Once they start seeing phone calls coming in consistently from me, my hope is that they analyze their Google AdWords campaigns to ensure the profitability of them,” says Joseph.

For more information on Daniel  Joseph and his program, he can be reached by phone at (651) 560-5576, or by email at: daniel@indigoperformancegroup.com.