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Abz Jalil is a Success Coach, Author, Entrepreneur and a Motivational Speaker who has inspired thousands, nationally and internationally. Most recently Jalil is adding two published books/E-books, The British Raj to Birmingham: from Hardship to Success and How to get 1,000+ reviews on the JUST EAT APP in SIX MONTHS to his professional resume.

Abz Jalil learned at an early age that people who succeed have momentum. And, the more they succeed the more they want to continue succeeding. All it takes is changing your mindset. When you leave out the noise and focus on one thing, in a positive manner, you’re able to master the project at-hand and then move to the next and continue on until you’ve reached the top. Similarly, when someone is failing, oftentimes they believe that failure is just their destiny. It is often because their focus was not directed on just one thing. This ultimately leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Jalil is here to say that it doesn’t have to be this way, but mindset and focus are crucial!

Jalil fully understands the difficulties of finding success in life. He grew up in a home surrounded by hardship, financial difficulties and poverty, and had a failure mentality until the age of 18. He left high-school before even graduating and was known by classmates as a “loser.” This segment of Jalil’s life had quite an impact and made him realize that this would go on to be his life, if left unchanged. Believing in so much more for himself, and his family, Jalil set out to make major changes and knew that it was only himself that could ignite this dramatic change.

Jalil’s life changed drastically in June 2014. At an ultimate low financially and mentally, Jalil was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to be sponsored by a somewhat unfamiliar businessman for his online business. Giving himself a goal, to find success by 2020, he immediately began developing a structure, and plan, for the business. His motto being “Work hard but work smart” was a key factor in the process and it all started there. Within 10 months, Jalil took the business from zero to a highly profitable, successful business! This was the moment that he knew, success could be for anyone with the determination to make it happen.

Jalil’s two new books/E-books, The British Raj to Birmingham: From Hardship to Success and How to get 1,000+ reviews on the JUST EAT APP in SIX MONTHS are designed to help individuals from all economic backgrounds reach their goals. His books are different in that they are very engaging, relatable, positive and can guide anyone looking to change their life, despite their current economic situation or level of education. Jalil himself transformed himself from poverty level and wants to share his secrets with everyone, explaining that success and financial freedom are available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

The British Raj To Birmingham: From Hardship To Success takes a more practical approach with readers providing them with an in-depth understanding of how real-life people have dealt with real-life problems and found real-life success. In this book, he explains that the past is not necessarily a guide to the future, but many valuable lessons can still be learned by taking a look at your past. Jalil shares stories of hardship that both he, and his people, had to experience in order to find success in a new country. Jalil’s honest and genuine advice leads readers through understanding the process of changing your mindset to achieve the life you dream of.

If you ever thought of forming your own take-away business this book is the perfect guide for you! In the book, How to Get 1,000+ Reviews on the JUST EAT APP in SIX MONTHS Jalil will share valuable tips, tricks and advice on how to create a thriving business in a short amount of time and particularly if you have minimal funds to get started.. Jalil shares tips and insider secrets with readers how in just six months he gained almost 1,000 plus reviews on the JUST EAT app. In the book, Jalil shares his no-nonsense advice will save you time and propel you towards success. Just Eat is a leading online food company app which has expanded to 11 countries serving 22.8 million customers, with the widest choices from 87,000 restaurant partners and over 100 cuisines. 

When asked what Jalil’s favorite daily practices are, that keep him motivated, he will gladly share his secrets. Daily activities include listening to motivational podcasts, reading daily affirmations, meditation, incantation, listening to audio books that fill his mind with positivity and tips on growth, being around his family and continuing to work in, and on, his businesses. His mindset has changed from the early days as well. Once experiencing success, he realized that maintaining the momentum is truly about never giving up, always remaining positive and believing that success is meant for him. You may have to revise your strategy, but there are many ways to reach the end result. Jalil is eager to be your guide!

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Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.