Craig Petronella, Top Raleigh, NC Cyber Security Expert Tells You How To Keep Computer Thieves From Stealing Vital Company Information

Craig Petronella,  Raleigh, NC top cyber security expert and IT Authority, is a two time IT author. He has spent 23 years advising clients and  protecting computer information. He makes sure your business computer network works when you need it the most, and is a celebrity in his field and hometown.

He is routinely quoted in the local Raleigh News and seen on local TV news for his ability to protect local business owners from hackers half way around the world in the Ukraine, Russia and China. Petronella has been quoted and featured on Raleigh & Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable News, WNCN TV ( local Raleigh TV), PRNews Wire and

He is routinely asked by the news on the best ways businesses can stay safe and secure as well as how consumers can protect their credit cards when making an in store purchase, especially during the upcoming holidays. Petronella answers, “You might want to consider using cash for your holiday purchases. While it takes a little longer, you won’t get any surprises at the end of the month!”

He recommends that you use a two-step verification system (two passwords typed in one after the other) to make it more difficult to get entry into your computer files.

He also recommends that you use a password manager that secures, remembers, and stores all your passwords, identities, bookmarks, safenotes, and more on your computer.  One of his favorite choices is Roboform which is an inexpensive, but very effective password manager.

In his highly acclaimed book, “Peace Of Mind Computer Support”, Petronella offers 12 warning signs to be aware of that you have hired the wrong computer consultant.

Here are the top seven.

  1. Becomes defensive or argumentative when you ask about project costs or completion dates.
  2. Won’t guarantee his work to your satisfaction.
  3. Talks down to you, uses “geek speak,” and makes you feel stupid when you question his recommendations or work.
  4. Is consistently late or rushed, and misses deadlines without an explanation or apology.
  5. Leaves your office a mess (wires and cables exposed, furniture out of place).
  6. Looks sloppy or disheveled.
  7. Uses high pressure or scare tactics to get you to buy.

These are all aspects you should consider when hiring a computer security consultant and firm.

For the other 5 warning signs and a copy of “Peace of Mind Computer Support,” and his second book, “Cryptolocker Virus- Thieves Are After Your Business”, go to this link on

Both books written by Petronella are great reads and explain difficult IT concepts in everyday language.

Petronella offers prospects and first time clients a 21 point checklist to safeguard your computer network of equipment.  This checklist has been developed after numerous high profile business computer hackings including Home Depot, Target, JP Morgan, Staples, Dairy Queen, Michaels, and most recently the United States Postal Service.

Shocking as it may seem, the USPS was recently hacked and 750,000 current and retired employee personal information was stolen. In addition, over 3 million customer files were broken into and all their information was stolen as well. The FBI is currently investigating this major and embarrassing breach of government security.

With all the turbulence, inconvenience, and anticipated fear of having your life stolen with the click of a computer key, more and more companies and individuals are making computer security a top priority.

Petronella states, “It’s important to make sure your networks and systems are as secure as possible. Both small and large businesses are vulnerable, and a security breach can completely ruin a company.”

For more information on how to protect your valuable personal and business information, you can contact Craig Petronella at or visit his website at visit his site at

The time you spend protecting your computer and your personal information will be will spent and eliminate aggravation, heartache and keep your credit rating exactly where it should be.