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While many unknowns remain about the Coronavirus and the full impact, it will have on anyone business, and one thing is clear: There is no shortage of people rallying no shortage of businesses pushing through and no shortage of planning. 

With that in mind, many business leaders and experts are sharing their insights to help those who need guidance right now. Women in Business – Leading the Way Best Selling Author Joan E Brothers was recently interviewed and shared her candid responses to 6 questions that every business owner and entrepreneur needs to ask about how the Coronavirus is going to impact their business:

If my economy takes a serious hit, how will it impact my customers or clients? 

Real estate is tied to every movement of the economy because people use residential and commercial real estate to live and work, so every economic move affects this segment of the market.

Understanding this impact on my customers or clients, how will it affect how, when, and what they buy from me?

If the economy is good, people buy real estate- they have the money and feel confident. If the economy Is faltering, there is no confidence, and potentially, people are afraid to part with money. Those with a lot of capital can take advantage of this period

How can I take steps today to best position my company to best and most profitably serve my customers as these shifts are happening?

We can service clients on the buy and sell and rent sides of things, so we help everyone at any time, and circumstances change all the time

“What steps can I take today to mitigate the risks to my company born out of Coronavirus?”

Have as deep a cash reserve as possible.

“What big opportunities exist for me and my company born out of this situation?”

To show our company’s expertise and be nimble, able to focus on one segment of the market versus the other based on which segment is performing.

Let’s fast forward to an optimistic scenario. It’s March 2021. The economy has recovered. What do you hope will have changed to make it a better economy for Women in Business?

Continue dialogues and open doors for women, may the best person for the job win!

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