Cothrine & Associates rebrands and opens its 4th office in St Louis, MO

Cothrine & Associates rebrands as “Cothrine Financial” and opens its 4th office in the past 6 months.

Entrepreneur, John Cothrine, has continued his commitment to helping retirees throughout the Midwest by opening his fourth location in the past 6 months.  With its headquarters located in O’Fallon, IL, the firm will focus on serving the clients throughout IL & MO with offices in Springfield, IL; Decatur, IL; and most recently St Louis, MO.

Cothrine’s newly rebranded firm, Cothrine Financial will help current & future retirees and their families realize their complete financial goals and dreams.

“I’m excited to bring our financial services back to an office in my hometown of St Louis, MO. Over the past 3 years we have hosted nearly 200 free financial education events and bought dinner for over 4000 retirees in IL. This St Louis office expansion will allow me to protect more families and educate more people than ever before on ‘Following The Green Line’” said Cothrine.

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever.  They are becoming wise to the product pitch person posing as an advisor with their best interest in mind.  Families are looking for more than just a product pitch disguised as financial advice.  They want to be protected in all areas of their financial lives.  The rebranding of Cothrine & Associates to Cothrine Financial reflects what John has learned about his clients’ wants and needs.  Cothrine’s “Greenline Philosophy” outlined in his book “Follow The Greenline” has never been about product and has always been about strategy.  This approach has seen attendance double in his weekly educational events.

Rick Rummage, contributor at says, “Your goal should be to become a trusted advisor instead of a product salesman. If you are not convincing your clients it is you and your advice that is most important to them, you are making a big mistake.”

Value Walk columnist, Brian Langis puts it this way.  “The answer to the question, are financial advisor professionals or salesman, is really comes down to how the advisor sees himself…There are some good financial advisors out there but unfortunately the bad ones really spoil the industry.”

The demand for complete financial advice is growing due to the recovering economy and increased access to financial information.  This has caused an increase in financial workshop attendance in the St Louis area.  Consumers are seeking a trusted professional that can help them sift through the mountain of information that can sometimes be very confusing and contradictory.  

“Over the past few years of listening to clients, I’ve learned what they want and need directly from them.  Their three concerns are what happens if they live too long, die too soon, or become sick along the way.  As someone they trust, it is my responsibility to help them to confidently answer those questions.  The rebranding as Cothrine Financial is another public demonstration that we committed to doing what is in the clients best interest and making things easier for them to understand.  That all begins with listening first” concluded Cothrine.

Ron Story Jr

Ron is known internationally as an authority on lead generation and customer development and has consulted companies in United States, Canada, England, Chile, Italy, Peru, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Costa Rica. Over the past 18 years he has been instrumental in the creation, development, and leadership of over 20 companies with a potential total market value of over $100M.