Connecting Entrepreneurs With New Prospects Online, Zephan Blaxberg Is Calling The Shots

Creating compelling video content for entrepreneurs that helps increase consumer confidence and drive online sales is what Zephan Blaxberg was going for when he founded ZMBmedia ( in 2013. Blaxberg noted that when shopping for services online, potential customers were often remaining disconnected from the very people they were turning to for help. In an effort to combat that disconnect, Blaxberg, a noted filmmaker, moved in to fill that niche with ZMBmedia. With his video production services, Blaxberg allows clients to establish an instant rapport with their audiences by breaking down the wall between online entrepreneurs and consumers, driving sales and increasing trust.

“ZMBmedia is a video production company that helps entrepreneurs increase their sales by creating online videos that develop trust and a relationship with their prospects to increase sales and help them enroll more clients and sell to more customers, around the clock since video works for you 24/7,” Blaxberg says. Based in Blatimore, ZMBmedia is a full-service video production company that sets the industry standard for professionalism, preparedness and mobility. As owner of Baltimore’s most mobile video production businesses, Blaxberg is aware of the nervousness that many people feel on-camera. He makes it a personal goal to put everyone at ease by being sure that all details are taken care of, allowing his clients to relax and focus on their presentation – even if that takes a little hand holding. “After all, we’re there to make them look good on camera and we guarantee they’ll like what they see.

When hiring ZMBmedia, plan to be taken care of and don’t be afraid to ask any questions because we love to teach you what we’re doing,” Blaxberg says. “It’s hard to see the final product when looking at the camera screen but it always shocks people when they see the final product.” Connecting entrepreneurs to prospective clients via video is, Blaxberg says, the future of effective marketing and he is happy to be one of those who is driving the industry. As Blaxberg helps small businesses grow across the country, his own business and reputation grow as well.

Recent work with Mara Glazer produced stellar results for both Blaxberg and his high-powered client. After enjoying a well-established, collaborative working relationship, Glazer and Blaxberg decided to embark on a new journey together – conducting a live stream online video event for Glazer’s clients. “We managed to create a gross revenue in the high five figures despite it being the very first livestream we had ever produced,” Blaxberg says. “Since our clients heard about the success, we’ve now provided live stream marketing capabilities to other entrepreneurs who are now using it to fill their events and conferences. It’s an extremely successful form of communication and we really look forward to continuing to grow people’s businesses through the power of live streaming video.”

Blaxberg’s approach is not limited to his role behind the camera. He also offers coaching services aimed at helping his clients through the video production process both on and off the screen. New clients can expect professional quality video from a videographer that has worked with some of the world’s top and most-respected marketing professionals including: Mara Glazer, Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Angelique Rewers, and Pat Mussieux.

In addition, Blaxberg is committed to take time to learn about each client, their business, and their personal and professional goals. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, this commitment helps Blaxberg to create custom, authentic video that represents each individual client, allowing them to shine and their message to reach prospective clients and consumers.

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