Connecticut Attorney Richard P. Hastings, Esq. Shows Lawyers How To Obtain Bigger Personal Injury Settlements

Richard P. Hastings, Esq. is an experienced personal injury lawyer and educator. He has collected millions for his clients over a distinguished career. He has also authored twelve books, including “Adjusters Secrets: Attorney and Adjuster Tips and Techniques That Guarantee Larger Settlements.” Co-authored with a former insurance adjuster, Adjuster Secrets shows personal injury attorneys how to get more money for their clients. Hastings also offers several free books on Connecticut personal injury claims, motorcycle accident claims and other topics. They are full of practical advice and information that help clients dramatically increase the value of their cases and help them obtain better medical treatment after an accident. “I see too many people settling for peanuts, when a little education could mean thousands more,” Hastings advises personal injury attorneys and plaintiffs alike.

He has collected millions in cases including motor vehicle accidents, defective products, wrongful death, dog bites, general accident cases, slip and fall incidents, breach of contract claims, unfair trade practice cases, construction litigation, will contests, and general litigation matters. As a result of his vast experience in personal injury law, Hastings has applied for and received patent pending approval for a business method called, “Personal Injury File Acquisition Method, Client Education Program and Case Referral System.”

Hastings explains, “I’m working with a former insurance adjuster who used to work for a large, multinational company, and they send these adjusters to school to learn certain, secrets, tips and techniques on how you pay injured parties and their attorneys less money—the two of us got together and we wrote the book, Adjuster Secrets. This book offers tips and techniques to increase the value of personal injury cases. For lawyers, it explains what you have to do to properly develop your client’s case.

Hastings offers teleseminars and other programs that teach lawyers how to get more value out of their cases. Go to for more information on how he can help you. One of Hastings’ specialties is negotiation techniques. “You learn very little of that type of information when you go to law school. After I went to law school, I have gone to a number of different courses on mediation training, advance negotiation training, and alternative dispute resolution training. I’ve taken two separate courses at the Harvard Law School, a course at Windsor Law School in Toronto, Canada, a workshop at The Center for Mediation in Law and another course through Quinnipiac Law Schools. The teleseminar deals with specific techniques used in negotiation, arbitration and mediation. It focuses on how you handle cases for obtaining the best result for your clients.”

Anthony Castelli, a Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney says, “Richard Hastings, a veteran personal injury lawyer, as well as a Harvard educated mediator, brings a unique perspective and out-of-the box thinking to personal injury claims. The tips he gives to use in your negotiation with the insurance company and/or defense counsel are worth their weight in gold.”

John Thygerson, Owner of The Law Offices of John P. Thygerson, LLC in Norwalk, CT agrees with Castelli, adding, “Richard Hastings is one of the pre-eminent personal injury attorneys in the State of Connecticut. He has a proven track record of successful outcomes on behalf of his clients and works tirelessly to maximize results.”

Jane Huh, a Lawyer based in Toronto, Canada says, “A powerful negotiator, Richard Hastings is persuasive and relentless. Very few attorneys can match wits with Richard or rival his strategic skills.”

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