Coaching, For a Better Life with Alejandra Crisafulli

Coaching is the development or guidance process in which coaches assist people in setting their goals and then helping them to achieve these goals by identifying their capabilities and using them to the best of their ability. Coaching is not restricted by any field and encompasses personal, professional and spiritual dimensions.

Coaching is different from consulting as it is more consistent and long term and focuses on people finding their own solutions. Coaching focuses on where an individual is as compared to where he wants to be followed by the identification of goals, areas of strength and areas of improvement.

Coaching is becoming more popular as people try to find the deeper meaning of life and look for growth within themselves for long term benefits. More and more corporations and individuals are hiring coaches to discover new ways to be more productive.

Clients who received coaching found that they could be more responsible and accountable for their actions, be more self reliant, contribute greatly to their team and organization and benefit from improved communications by being able to work better with others. Organizations that benefited from coaching found that it improved relationships, teamwork and job satisfaction resulting in better quality and productivity.

Alejandra Crisafulli, Founder and Master Coach of Life Creations Education talked about her career in coaching in a recently conducted interview. The headquarters of her business are in San Diego, California, but coaching is offered over the phone nationwide. A training and educational center are located at the headquarters that trains the coaches in their respective fields as well as on how to coach over the phone. In addition, it offers workshops of 3 days as well as short classes of 1 to 2 hours each for visiting and local clients. These classes are offered on across the board topics from how to authenticate and communicate as a leader, understanding profit and loss statements and eliminating pain in your life.

Alejandra started in the beauty business as a business manager of several salons in New Mexico. During this time she fell in love with management, and decided to go to a business management school. She started her own consulting company working with businesses in the beauty and health industry.

While working with these businesses, she noticed that it was not just the business know how that was missing for owners or managers to become profitable, but more importantly the understanding of human dynamics was missing and how this effects business and life. This is what got her interested about life itself, and she took up studies in Metaphysical Sciences earning a Master’s degree in the subject. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the fundamental nature of reality and how we understand it. Understanding how the human mind connects to the spirit and soul leads to a good balance inside yourself which shows up externally, as well. In a business point of view, this leads to better dynamic relationships in the company.

Answering a question about her coaches, Alejandra explained how her company is bringing forward the concept of a unique “self brand”. Branding has changed from logos and messages that a business has to offer into having your own self brand. Coaches bring a unique brand of themselves and through that they find an area or niche that focuses them, and that has always been part of their life. For example, the purpose coach has vast life experience of being a purpose coach and she ultimately recognized that was her brand. Someone maybe looking for a coach but wanting someone who is more focused on finding their purpose and someone else who needs healing would connect to someone who has the brand of healing. And that’s why they have the niches or brands of each coach.

For the future, Alejandra sees the industry becoming more professional. At the moment, it is not an accredited career, and there are many coaches in this profession who view it as a side business. She sees this industry becoming more authentic by choosing those who view it as a profession and full time career.

Life Creations Education has been extremely successful in less than a year of creation and has guided more than 1200 entrepreneurs and business executives through coaching. The different coaches available are in the areas of Purpose Coaching, Healing Coaching, Freedom Coaching, Connection Coaching, Awareness Coaching, Confidence Coaching and Fulfillment Coaching.

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