Clint Evans Announces New Expert Positioning Program for Established Dentists and Surgeons

Clint Evans is introducing a new program to help dentists and surgeons grow their existing patient base by gaining subject matter expert status or as some doctors call it “local celebrity authority”.

Mr. Evans says, “Most established dentists and surgeons are so busy in their practice and continuing education they’d rather not spend time staying up with the changes on how patients choose their doctor. Many times it’s a two-step process. The 1st step is somebody makes a recommendation. Then step 2 is the recommendee Googles that doctor’s name or the practice name. If that doctor doesn’t have major media mentions and published subject matter expert materials on their website the person pauses to consider.”

Consumers and potential patients do their research. Especially with something as serious as a surgery or long-term dental care, consumers are willing to spend more time researching. So it’s of vital importance for these doctors to build their brand and give this potential patient multiple reasons to choose them over their competitors.

“In a number of surveys [including this Gallup poll] a high percent of consumers say they don’t trust the media. But what they say and what they actually trust in this case are two different things. People still place a lot of weight on doctors who get mentioned a lot in the media. People feel like these doctors are more skilled and a better choice than doctors who don’t ever get featured or quoted by the media,” says Mr. Evans.

Going forward, consumers aren’t looking for choices. People no longer just go to Google and choose the very first or second result.

The modern world weighs heavily on people’s time. So people are googling more for the right choice than they are for a number of choices. Doctors would do well to be positioned as that “right choice” if their goal is practice growth.

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