Client And Employee Gifting Maverick Justin Szerletich To Be Featured Guest On BISTalk Radio, ESPN 1700

Why did my best client leave me for a competitor? Why doesn’t my brand have more loyalty? Why are my top employees so eager to move on? Many business owners and professional service providers ask themselves these questions. Corporate gifting entrepreneur Justin Szerletich has found an answer. Not just an answer, but a solution.

“My approach to corporate gift giving provides a significant improvement in the quality of the client and employee experience with a business which results in a reduction in client and employee churn rate, an increase in word of mouth referrals, and an ultimately a significant increase in both goodwill and profit,” Szerletich explained.

This approach has evolved through Justin’s life journey and his experiences as a proud member of the United States Marine Corps, his ups and downs as a public servant working for the Social Security Administration, and his personal and professional experiences starting his own business.

Justin came to understand that authenticity, honesty, integrity, and transparency are what today’s consumers expect from the people they do business with. And that social media and technology had all but replaced the “personal touch” that make clients and employees feel connected and significant to a company.

According to Szerletich, “Our clients and employees yearn for an authentic and meaningful connection to our brands. Just being in front of them on social media is no longer enough, consumers demand more, and we have to provide that to them or we are doomed to be forgotten and left behind.”

Tune in to listen to Justin’s personal journey, where modern social media fails our customers, how to re-establish meaningful relationships with clients and employees and get a sneak peek into his unique platform that promises results.

You can listen into the show through any of the following links:
San Diego AM Radio – ESPN 1700
ESPN 1700 call in numbers- 858-202-0034, 866-405-1717
BISTalk Radio, ESPN Site-
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You can learn more about Justin Szerletich by visiting, on Facebook at, or to speak with him directly, call (619) 618-1225.