Clarence Close, Dental Marketing Specialist: Online Marketing Brings Dentists Qualified Sales Leads

Clarence Close, two time bestselling author and owner of Marketing Partner Online, explains the details of online marketing for dentists to open up their opportunities to have better qualified patients with higher lifetime value through a natural system of education that focuses directly on their patient’s needs and the dentist’s solutions.

“The majority of dentists spend too much time going after the same market share as the rest of the dentists in town.” said author Clarence Close.

“The goal of a profitable dental practice is to identify their highest profit services, find out how they may present themselves as the prime service provider for these specific services, then educate the prospective patients about why they are the best dental service in the area to take care of the patient’s long term needs and desires. All this presented clearly, credibly and backed up with sound authority that has prospective patients looking to them as the local expert that they want to take care of their mouth.”

Christine Teigen, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, humorously but clearly shows the way to become a profitable dentist by bringing to light the opportunity to fulfill your patient’s needs within a profitable niche inside of cosmetic dentistry.

Christine elaborated “It’s funny because I want my teeth to be, like, neon ‘Real Housewives’ white, but mine have stopped taking to teeth whitening. When I talk to my dentist, I’m like, ‘They can be that white,’ and he’s like, ‘Veneers can be that white.'”

Teeth whitenings are almost a giveaway item with most dental practices, just to get new patients in the door. Veneers, on the other hand, are a profitable solution for a smile conscious socially aware market.

The solution to increased dental profits starts with identifying your most profitable services. Then assess and see how you can bundle these services into an all-in-one visit or all-in-one place solution to keep the patient in your dental chair. This package is one of the values you bring to the marketplace that others don’t or won’t provide.

Next, no matter whom they go with for their service, proceed to freely educate prospective patients on what to look for in such a packaged service and how your specific practice nicely fulfills all of their requirements under one roof. Explain this clearly, in non-technical terms and back up your statements with proof elements to lend credibility and authority to your services. Do this all in a non-sales way and you won’t have to declare yourself as an expert in this specialty, your patients and others you have educated will declare this for you.

To cap this off, always collect, respond to and post testimonials from your satisfied patients, as proof elements, to strengthen your market position and leave your competition wondering what happened and why they are so far behind you, while your phone continues to ring with new prospects.

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