City Spots, NYC: Natural Holistic Pet Food Leader, Solid Gold, Featured Vendor for Adoptapalooza 2017, with Ira Manhoff

Solid Gold Pet Food has revolutionized the Natural Pet Care Industry. With Its Holistic Nutrition SuperFood products for Pets, Solid Gold is consistently recognized from Its 1974 establishment, award-winning, including the Whole Foods Magazine Natural Choice Award in 2014 for such service to animals. Solid Gold Pet Food’s Ira Manhoff, Merchanding Sales Rep, worked Adoptapalooza 2017 advocating awareness and specials for Holistic Pet Nutrition. Ira Manhoff works Sales with Solid Gold from July 2016, outstandingly supporting 106 Petco stores in the NY, NJ, CT area in just over a year. Mr. Manhoff is captured at the Solid Gold Vendors area for the Adoptapalooza 2017, speaking with an event patron on the importance of Holistic Nutrition for Pets and the award-winning Solid Gold Pet Food products. Solid Gold Pet Food participated as one of the Vendors providing plenty of Holistic Pet Food education, natural samples and treats at this year’s Adoptapalooza.

Ms. J Spearman - Quanta D.

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