Ciity Spots, NYC: One-Handed Musician, Humans of New York Feature, Kayhan “Lefty” Baratali, Spotted In Union Square NYC

Aside from receiving over 2000 comments for his 2015 Facebook feature in the popular photo spotlight series, ‘Humans of New York,’ the Street, Parks and Subway Musician, Kayhan Baratali is well-known for his exceptional musical abilities, and also showcasing his artistic talents of 8 years of skill, with only one hand. 

“Kayhan Lefty” is hailed in NYC for a gain in instant inspiration when watching his performance. With a combination of his Music styles broadened in genre’s like Heavy Metal and Fusion Jazz, Baratali also pleases his audience with a one-handed play of a 6-string Bass.

Interestingly, Kayhan is Iranian-American, of Persian and Italian descent. Baratali’s first name, Kayhan, is Persian meaning “universe” or “Cosmos.”





Ms. J Spearman - Quanta D.

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