Christi Borden’s Tips For Maximizing Opportunities In A Strong Sellers Market

Christi Borden has been looked up to and sought after as a real estate expert in Houston and around the world for the last ten years. In this article she emphasizes the opportunities presented in a strong seller’s market.

Borden’s path to the top of the real estate food chain was not an easy one and it was anything but direct. “I was a Court Reporter for a State Judge in Lafayette, LA in a previous life,” recalls Borden. “Then my husband’s job took us to Dubai, UAE, where I could no longer work in that field. I ended up as a Manager of Council Affairs for the American Business Council of Dubai (chapter of US Chamber of Commerce).”

Borden enjoyed her time abroad a great deal, but with young children she eventually decided to repatriate back to the U.S. “I decided to change careers so that I could be closer to home if they needed me.” Borden continues, “Real Estate was a natural fit and I have enjoyed serving my clients for over 10 years now in the Houston area and abroad.”

When asked what is currently happening in the Houston real estate market, Borden had some interesting observations and some sound advice, “We have come off of a very strong (yes, fierce or even hostile seller’s market) and seeing a bit of an increase in inventory and slow down of buyer traffic, helping to bring a bit of balance.” Borden clarifies, “Not true balance, but a bit more equilibrium. This means that sellers will need to be careful about aggressive pricing and buyers will have a bit more to choose from and might be able to secure a property without competition. Of course, some areas in our city as well as certain price ranges are still operating on less than 2 months inventory. This is considered extreme in any market.”

So while it may sound all rosy on the seller’s side, Borden cautions that there are still some measures sellers can take to ensure they are getting maximum dollar value for their homes. “Professional staging and professional photography are a must to help sellers obtain top dollar in this market. The staging helps elevate the property online through the professional photography as well as rising to the top when the buyer actually steps through the door.” Borden emphasizes this point, “I hire professional stagers and photographers for all of my listings to give my sellers this edge.”

Perhaps it is her experience living abroad, but Christi Borden also seems to a much broader vision for her business than the average broker. “Sellers must understand who the buyer might be and use specific keywords to attract that buyer via online searches.” She explains, “We syndicate worldwide and use this marketing strategy to attract the perfect buyer for our sellers.”

Search engine optimization is what Borden is referring to here and this marketing strategy goes hand-in-hand with something else she does that may not be in the normal Realtors tool kit. “I also have a very aggressive Social Marketing strategy that involves all the major social media venues and have successfully marketed and sold quite a few homes in this manner.” Borden adds, “As the old adage goes, ‘Never leave a marketing stone unturned.’ ”

While these are only a few of the insights Borden has to share her will to serve and intelligent marketing tactics certainly seem to be paying dividends for her. Christi Borden was named Realtor of the Year by the Houston Association of Realtors. She also holds numerous certifications and designations that only a very small subset of Realtors can claim and she wears these proudly. “These certifications and designations indicate a skill-set and experience necessary to get the job done for both my sellers and buyers,” Borden declares.

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