Chicagoland Chiropractor Dr. Tom Bryant Treats Previously Untreatable Sports Injuries

It seems that every time we watch the news these days we hear something about the injuries that athletes suffer from the sports that they play, no matter what channel we watch the news on. Many of these injuries have been called “untreatable” after doctors were unable to restore full function to the body, sometimes after many surgeries attempting to correct the problem. Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Bryant of Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care has been treating these “untreatable” injuries with success and has been able to help former athletes return to their sport and enjoy less pain and more function in the injured areas.

According to Dr. Bryant, most sports-related injuries can be categorized into three types: ankle, shoulder and neck. These injuries can have a domino effect on our bodies: an injury to our ankle can lead to lower-back pain. An injury to the shoulder, can often lead to neck pain. Many athletes have undergone physical therapy and even surgery, only to be told later that there is no further treatment and they will just have to live with pain and limited function. Bryant feels that many sports injuries caused by overuse and strain most often are preventable using advanced extremity adjusting techniques like NUCCA and QSM3. Once an injury has happened, he can evaluate the mechanics of the body and treat the injury so that certain muscles or body parts no longer pull other body parts out of alignment which further aggravates an injury causing even more pain.

Dr. Bryant, himself playing sports at a young age, has had severe sports-related injuries to his knee and shoulder. Not only did he shatter his kneecap in five places, but this led to his tearing his shoulder while playing baseball. He played baseball and wrestled when he was younger which strained the mechanics of his body. This injury caused his shoulder to drop, leading to back and neck problems. After consulting many doctors for this injury, Bryant finally found a doctor  who not only adjusted his knee, shoulder and neck to correct his function and alleviate his daily pain, he also taught him about the mechanics of his body and how to properly adjust the body to relieve strain and heal injury.

Many years after the injury and after failed treatments and constant daily pain, Bryant learned that his injury actually started from his ankle being turned inward causing the extra pressure which shattered his knee. Once the knee was shattered, it put his body off balance causing severe pain in his back, shoulder and neck.

Bryant explains, these are common injuries that until now, athletes have been told to live with. He says, “Fifty to sixty percent of all runners who have had ankle injuries have stopped running because injuries from the lower extremities were causing pain in their back and other areas of the body.”

It is important for athletes to treat these problems right away or they risk other injuries or pain in the shoulder, neck, or lower back—putting their body mechanics in peril. According to Bryant, “Eighty five percent of lower-back pain is actually caused by problems of the lower extremities. Most injuries are mechanical issues and can be prevented using advanced extremity adjustments.”

Bryant has treated a variety of athletes including children who play baseball, football, soccer and many other sports to professional athletes who have been injured. Even injuries that don’t cause pain can lead to poor posture and cause strain on the body’s mechanics triggering a chain of problems. Bryant explains, “An MRI doesn’t show everything; a hurt shoulder can pull on the neck muscles and this can lead to headaches and even jaw pain—all stemming from an injured shoulder. I’d say eighty percent of headaches are actually caused by neck problems.” Dr. Bryant’s advanced extremity adjustments using NUCCA, Pettibon and QSM3 can get most people out of pain within a few weeks by addressing and treating the mechanics of their body.

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