Chicago Area Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry Announces New Highland Park Location

Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry is a family owned and operated design firm offering mid- to high-end Italian and American cabinetry for new construction and remodeling projects nationwide. Recently Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry moved to a new showroom called Avanti Kitchens & More located at 2070 Skokie Valley Rd in Highland Park, Ill. Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry first opened its doors as a family owned businesses in 1991. They started out importing cabinets and working out of their home with no showroom. Back then, the business worked exclusively with local builders and their first big project was subdivision of 41 local homes.

Gene Revzin is a second generation owner, taking over from his late father who worked with him and helped him learn every aspect of the business from the ground up including: design, assembly, production, fabrication and installation of cabinetry. Today, Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry has a large showroom and works with mid- to high-end builders and retail clients looking for Italian, American, custom or semi-custom cabinetry for their homes. “We are unique because we have a niche,” Revzin says, “The quality of the product, combined with our knowledge of the product…there is also a high visual value because our mid-end product looks expensive yet is really very affordable. We also offer two lines of domestic and Italian products which are very high-end. Arrex, part of Gruppo Atma, is one of the largest furniture producers in Italy and Aster, which is a trend-setting designer cabinetry.”

Ted Allen, American writer, cookbook author and television star says, “Cooking for people is an enormously significant expression of generosity and soulfulness, and entertaining is a way to be both generous and creative. You’re sharing your life with people. Of course, it’s also an expression of your own need for approval and applause.” Vicky Revzin, co-owner of Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry would agree, adding that, “The kitchen can be the centerpiece of a home’s design. It reflects the owner. It can be sophisticated or cozy, it all depends on the message you’d like to send.”

According to Revzin, a lot of people make the same mistake when they start the process of choosing pieces for a kitchen or bath: they pummel everything together. First they look at colors of countertops, then they look at colors of cabinets, colors of stone and so on…but they need to compartmentalize. He recommends that buyers start with choosing the cabinet because the cabinet is the most visible part of a project. It then determines the style and color choices which are made later on in the design process.

“When choosing cabinetry,” Revzin says, “Most people start with picking the color, but really they should concentrate on style, the quality of the build, the features and the abilities of the product, then concentrate on the design, the architectural part of deal, how to incorporate the design into the room or the whole house and then worry about colors.”

A happy customer says he is relieved to be working with the professionals at Avanti on his cabinetry project. “After talking with the people at Avanti and one of the owners, Gene Revzin, in particular, I’m excited about working with them.  They are very patient and understanding.  Just what you want when you’re making a substantial investment like fine cabinetry – to know that you are working with true professionals.”

Norma Powell says, “I got my kitchen renovated in early 2010. I am still really pleased with my kitchen. I think the price was very reasonable (10-15K range for granite counter tops, new sink and new cabinets) which I think it awesome, given how nice it turned out. They [Avanti Gallery – Fine Cabinetry] also cater to a much more expensive price range if that’s what you want.”

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