Chet Bruce Appointed as Publisher and Senior Editor of the San Diego Professional Journal

(AuthorityPressWire) January 9, 2014 – San Diego, CA — Chet Bruce named Publisher of The San Diego Professional Journal

Chet Bruce, Consumer Advocate – Author, was appointed Publisher and Executive Editor of the San Diego Professional Journal today by a unanimous vote of its advisory board.

The San Diego Professional Journal is a consumer advocacy web presence giving consumers information about a professional far in excess of the Name, Address, Phone Number and sometimes Resume that are now available to them.

In Mr. Bruce’s best-selling book, The 21st Century Transformation, was the outline of how consumers have changed in the way they choose professional services today as opposed to the way they did in the 1900’s.

The example given in the book used a consumer needing a Family Doctor.  In the 1900’s the consumer got a referral to the Doctor from a friend and then searched in the Yellow Pages.

Today the consumer may still get the referral from a friend but more than likely will first find the Doctor in his Insurance Companies in-network listing.  As a matter of fact the consumer may get a list of several Doctors from that list.  What the consumer will find there is a list of Name, Address and Phone Numbers.

The consumers will then go to an Internet Search and search for the Doctor by Name and City.  In 99.9% of those searches the consumer will still find nothing more than Name, Address, Phone Number and maybe a resume or web site that gives the same information.

It was the research for the book that was the birth of the idea behind The San Diego Professional Journal.  Mr. Bruce’s belief is that “Choosing the right professional is the second most important decision you will ever make.  It comes second only to who you choose for your mate”.

To fulfill the need to make available the information the consumer desires, the San Diego Professional Journal was brought out of idea into reality.  The Journal will bring the information to the consumer by a totally cost free and advertising free web site.

The site is broken into seven classifications of professional services;  Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Legal, Finance, Real Estate and Health and Beauty.  A consumers search is then broken down within each classification to the specialty of the professional.

The consumer will see articles and news posted by or about the professional.  From there the consumer can click through to the professionals “Who Is” page.  There they will find a series of short videos that are designed to help them make an easy decision as to the best choice of professional for their needs.

Mr. Bruce has been, and will continue to be, the driving force behind The San Diego Professional Journal with his unanimous appointment as Publisher and Executive Editor.

It is expected that the Journal will open to the consumer in early 2014.  The Journal is currently interviewing Professionals for listing in the Journal.  You can introduce yourself to the concept by visiting the welcoming page and watching the short video you will find on the site

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