Cheering Hopefuls On To Success In Cheerleading, GeNienne Samuels Is Raising The Bar

Despite her success as on-air talent for numerous broadcasts and as the in-arena host for the NBA’ s Washington Wizards, GeNienne Samuels past as a professional cheerleader led her to seek new success in founding Sideline Prep LLC (, a pro cheer/dance consulting company that helps aspiring cheerleaders land prime positions with professional sports teams.

A self-proclaimed tomboy as a child, Samuels began her career as a cheerleader for the NFL’s Washington Redskins and the NBA’s Washington Wizards. This experience, along with that of having been a sports reporter, gives her special insight into the inner workings of the cheerleading industry. Samuels is able to coach potential cheerleaders in all areas that help them land auditions, secure positions, and establish successful cheerleading careers.

“The tools, suggestions, and information we provide not only helps our clients be more prepared for auditions, but it also makes them more prepared and better equipped for life,” Samuels says.

Training with Sideline Prep LLC includes guidance in health, nutrition, poise, public speaking, as well as athletics to create the total package that sports teams are seeking in their cheerleaders.

“They learn how to change their mindset and always think positively, how eat properly, how to carry themselves in front of a crowd of people, how to best present themselves verbally, on paper, and in person, how to interview effectively, and how to incorporate fitness and healthy routines in their lives to feel better and look better,” Samuels says. “These skills transcend beyond an audition.”

Sideline Prep LLC offers clients experienced, caring and professional coaches who are well-equipped to offer full-service, detailed, and custom consulting services that get results and give them a leg up on the competition. In addition to having a 98% client satisfaction rating, ten of the 13 rookie cheerleaders hired by the NFL in 2014 worked with coaches from Sideline Prep LLC. Samuels’ business was met with similar success in years 2013 and 2012 as well.

Newly signed 2014-2015 Washington Redskins Rookie Cheerleader and Sideline Prep LLC client, Claire, says, “I met with multiple Sideline Prep coaches for face-to-face consultations as well as maintained online correspondence with my coaches whenever questions would arise. Everyone I worked with was so supportive, encouraging, and most importantly knowledgeable about the audition process I would soon be going through. The coaches made themselves available to me whenever I needed them and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

By focusing on meeting her clients needs, Samuels is able to give them individual service and feedback that help them embark on successful careers. This individualized, custom service is the cornerstone of Samuels’ business and allows her to gain personal satisfaction as each of her clients succeeds.

“The value of my work cannot be described in the monetary or numerical sense. What we do and what we teach changes how our clients view themselves as women,” Samuel says. “Our value comes in the form of increased confidence, improved health, better eating habits, healthy bodies and minds, increased knowledge, and an improved appearance (both externally and internally).”

You can learn more about Sideline Prep LLC and GeNienne Samuels by visiting the website