Chad T. Collins of Authority Media Agency Recognized As a Top Industry Professional, a website that receives nominees who are top performers in their field of expertise announced their selected group of award winners for October 2016 yesterday. Included in that list is Chad T. Collins, Founder and President of Authority Media Agency. Small Business Trendsetters had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Collins about his accomplishment. Below you will find selected highlights from our interview.

SBT: Thank you for allowing us to interview you and congratulations on the award recognizing you as a top industry professional in personal career branding services. Who exactly do you help and how do you help them?

Chad T. Collins: Thank you. I’ve spent years in talent management and recruiting and I always run across professionals who experience the same struggles and frustrations while others seem to get that next great opportunity, promotion or pay raise. The reason for the struggle actually comes down to one thing – your personal career brand. At Authority Media Agency, we help solve this for professionals. We help you claim your authority by positioning you as an educator and advocate for the success of your clients in the national media. By doing this, you and your business stand out from the competition. You create a personal tipping point that makes you the #1 choice among customers and prospects. You become that “go-to” person that people want to work with and hire. We achieve this for our clients by implementing a very specific media and publishing strategy that includes making best-selling authors and national media exposure on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

SBT: What does this authority positioning process look like?

Chad T. Collins: There are 3 simple steps and they require less than 1 hour of your time. The first step is called the Authority Interview. Here we’ll book you for a 30-minute interview on our nationally syndicated radio/podcast show, Business Innovators Radio, that specifically positions you as an authority in your marketplace and educator/advocate for the success of your clients. Your expert interview will then be syndicated out across iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher and YouTube.

The second step involves taking that interview and having it transcribed by our journalists and turned into a book chapter to be published in an upcoming Kindle book release on Amazon. Interviewees will get full contributing author credit and we personally guarantee that the book will hit best seller status on Amazon. From that moment on, contributors will forever be known as a Best Selling Author. Being a published author enhances your visibility, attracts pre-qualified prospects and opens the doors of profit and opportunity.

In the third step, we’ll release a media announcement about you hitting the Amazon Best Seller List to hundreds of websites including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliate stations. This means you will be positioned as a leading professional in your industry on the websites of the most influential media companies in the world. You can use “As Seen On” logos on all your marketing materials and social media pictures. We’ll even give clients the ability to use our COPY & PASTE Exposure campaign for social media and email to maximize your exposure and establish stronger authority positioning with your prospects, resulting in higher perceived value and more sales.

SBT: Why would a professional want to use this type of personal career branding strategy?

Chad T. Collins: Being featured in National Media and Top Tier trusted sources sets you apart. It showcases your strengths and story in a way that nothing else can. It shares the narrative that you control, that you can use to position yourself as an authority in your industry. Fact is, a person or a business needs to really set themselves apart from the rest of the competition in order to stay ahead. Our 3-step Media and Publishing Strategy will position you as an expert, educator, and advocate for the success of your prospects and clients. We brand you in such a unique and authentic way that it makes it easy for prospects to choose you over your competitors.

SBT: How will prospects, clients and employers see someone using your services in a different way?

Chad T. Collins: There are very few things that have the power to transform your business and career to a whole new level. Having media placement and your own Best Selling book is one of them. When you have your own best selling book, suddenly, people who you thought were previously unreachable, are now paying attention to you and even calling you to do business with you. Doors will open for you with amazing opportunities inside that you didn’t even know existed. You becoming a Best Selling Author leads to the bigger stage, higher paying clients, and top tier opportunities. Just imagine meeting a potential client and when they ask what you do, you reply, “I’m a Best Selling Author on [your industry] and [what you do].  Being introduced as a Best Selling Author creates instant credibility and trust.

SBT: Please share any final comments and let readers know how they can reach you.

Chad T. Collins: In the fiercely competitive talent pool and world of local business, every little advantage counts and BIG advantages? They’ll pay dividends for years. Being seen as a media level expert that’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox is a timeless edge that will work wonders every year you’re in business. When your prospects are looking at you and the competition, they’ll be looking for a stand out reason to choose you so let’s give them one. Leapfrog your competition and demand your prospects sit up, take notice and make the only buying/hiring decision that makes sense.

To learn more about Authority Media Agency, please visit my website at, email chad@authoritymediaagency, or connect with me on social media. Just type my name into a search engine like Google or in Facebook and I’ll be easily found as a top result.

About Chad T. Collins

Chad T. Collins is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and the founder of Authority Media Agency.
He is also a contributing writer for both Business Innovators Magazine and the Huffington Post on the topics of career branding and authority positioning.
Chad’s focus is to help professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status within their industry by using brand journalism to get them national media exposure.
His unique method of authority positioning has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Wall Street Journal and dozens of other respected media outlets.
He is an in demand journalist that has interviewed Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, worked with Million Dollar Listing star Chad Rogers on media placement and helped PGA Superstar Ernie Els with publicity to bring awareness to the Els Center of Excellence, a non-profit supporting special needs children.
Nominated as one of Dallas’ Top 40 Under 40 professionals in 2016, Chad is also a proud family man, educator and advocate for special needs students, and avid traveler.