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In a recent episode of Incite Media’s popular webcast Business Innovators Radio Show, eminent success and transformational coach Matthew Hale was present as the valued guest. In an interesting discussion with the show host Alicia Dibrell, Matthew discussed how he helps people who feel like they want more out of life but are not sure how to get out of the daily grind.

Interestingly, Matthew is also an award-winning salesman with over two decades of experience.  Now, as a certified transformational coach, he utilizes the skills and practices required to build successful sales teams to teach people how mindset can be instrumental in creating a great life. His simple and practical strategies have helped many of his clients gain control over their lives and see the results that they truly want.  

While discussing his career with Alicia, Matthew talked about burnout and how not living with purpose can crush anyone’s spirit.  “Life is supposed to be fun and exciting. And to make it that way you have to believe in your purpose and start doing the things you love to do”.  This idea drove Matthew to study success, happiness and coaching. He wanted to find a way to bring that passion back, not only to other people, but also himself.  

“I just kind of had this desire to learn about what made some people so successful, while other people seem so miserable. And the more I got into it, I realized that I never learned this stuff growing up,” Matthew said. “Not my parents, my teachers, coaches, nobody ever taught me about mindset and how important that is to success in life.  I knew I wanted to teach these ideas and strategies to other people so that they could live their best lives, too.”

A high percentage of his clients are individuals that feel discouraged, overwhelmed and trapped.  Matthew strongly believes that most people allow life to happen to them, instead of creating their lives deliberately.  “By allowing life to simply happen, people don’t get what they want and end up unhappy because their expectations never get met.  And that is a shame, because it doesn’t have to be like that for anyone”, says Matthew.

“I was blown away by the idea of creating your life from how and what you think to choosing how you see things.  Your thoughts are choices. If you don’t like them, change them”, says Matthew.

Recently, Matthew has developed a seven-week personal coaching program that teaches people the skills necessary to start creating the life they really want.  This innovative program includes three other coaches, whom Matthew has been working with. “Getting four viewpoints in this program allows participants to get a better understanding of the ideas because there is much more real-life content to relate to.  Basically, you digest the ideas faster”, says Matthew.

Matthew continued, “My idea is that most of the violence, hatred and brutality we see in our culture is due to people being unhappy, stressed out and lost.  It comes from a low-level place. When someone is pursuing their dreams, they become the best version of themselves. All the anxiety, worry and fear is replaced with gratitude and fun.  If we can all add a little more passion and happiness to our lives, we will create a better world. My program will take you from where you are to wherever you want to be in life.”

Individuals looking to grow and improve their lives can get in touch with Matthew through his website makeinspiredchoices.com.  Matthew offers a free consultation for his coaching program.

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