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Hospital CEOs and COOS Called to Strategically Optimize Digital Social Media Press

According to Health Industry Marketing’s Authority Press Specialist Linda Carey, hospital CEOS and/or COOs need to become creative architects for digital social marketing through strategic planning exercises with professionals before campaign execution. Ms. Carey says, “Let’s face it, there has always been a biased toward investment into high-brow medical publications that leave the ultimate patient-consumer […]

How to Use Promotional Products to Brand Your Business, Stand Out, And Stay Top of Mind

Looking for a low-cost, attention-getting way to promote your business? A proven method of advertising your business effectively is through the use of promotional items. What are these? Promotional items are used for giveaways to prospects and clients. These items help spread your business brand and stay top of mind. These promotional products have the […]

Reiki: Choosing a Peace Filled Mind by Design

With so many different healing modalities available, why choose Reiki? Many people choose Reiki because of its profound simplicity and wide-ranging application. Reiki can be done in person or at a distance. Like electricity, the energy our body creates flows and is measurable. Like gravity, Reiki is an unseen and ever-present force. So, what is Reiki? […]

How Fitness Can Help to Reach Goals Quicker

Physical fitness, sleep and nutrition are frequently mentioned as necessary to live a healthy, productive and balanced life. Yet they are rarely mentioned as being necessary and critical when pursuing business goals. Business owners can greatly benefit by learning how to apply these health elements to achieve even greater success in their businesses. Faster Goal […]

TOP 30 Finalists Moving to Phase II of The National Black Business Pitch Competition

National Black Business Pitch Competition is officially on its way. Dr. Pamela Williamson, CEO/President of WBEC-West, is proud to announce the TOP 30 business leaders moving to Phase II of the NBBP (National Black Business Pitch Competition) The National Black Business Pitch (NBBP) is a virtual competition designed to connect Black-owned businesses to corporations who […]

The Front Porch Party Whisperer Rescues Panicked July Party Planners

As supply chain shortages continue to rear their ugly heads, folks planning July 4th celebrations are panicked because they cannot find tents, tables, linens, serve ware or chairs. It is even challenging to find locations due to pandemic pent-up demand.  Never fear! The Front Porch Party Whisperer is nearby.  That’s right!  Why should party planners […]

Front Porch Party Whisperer Optimizes Bridal Events With Expert Consultations

Robin Summerlin aka the “Front Porch Party Whisperer”  knows a thing or two about bridal events.  Not only that, but as the legendary restaurateur of the “Front Porch Restaurant” formerly located down east in North Carolina, event planning has always been his specialty. Today, as the owner of Front Porch Party Rentals, he has expanded […]

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