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Monick Halm, Real Estate Investor Goddess, Brings a Feminine Touch to Investing

Listen To This Article Go to any real estate training, convention or check the real estate investor percentages and you’re sure to find that more than 80% are males.   Nice for men maybe not so nice for women.  Women operate differently in business and with the great return real estate investing affords someone it is […]

Staying Connected: Uulala’s Prepaid Mobile Network with International Top-Up Service

A monthly cell phone bill can be full of surprises: hidden fees, roaming costs, taxes and unexpected service charges can raise the monthly cost exponentially. While this is frustrating for anyone, it can be financially debilitating for someone on a strict budget. Both the unpredictable charges and the credit requirements can make phone plans impractical […]

Jerica Glasper Selected To Open An Authority Media Agency Serving Licensed Professionals and Local Business Owners

Listen To This Article Expert Status Media & Marketing Agency is opening in Dallas, Texas to help entrepreneurs and professional service providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and nationally create authority positioning for their business. Entrepreneur, Jerica Glasper, was selected to open an authority media agency in Dallas that will focus on serving the alternative health and wellness industry. Glasper‘s agency, Expert Status Media […]

A Sense of Perspective: Business Coach Michael Laidler Brings-Out the Best in His Clients

Listen To This Article Will the Real Michael Laidler Please Stand Up? Michael Laidler currently offers his services as a business coach who specializes in developing the leadership potential of his clients.  Laidler’s leadership coaching expertise has been sharpened by years of academic study along with plenty of practical experience where the rubber-hits-the road. Laidler’s […]

Uulala A Digital Payments Solution For The Changing Employment Landscape

Listen To This Article Worldwide, fewer workers are engaged in predictable, stable employment, be it by choice or by necessity. As employment moves away from the single-employer, full time model, more people are using digital platforms to receive and access their income, especially when it comes from multiple sources. A simple question, like how exactly […]

Best Selling Authors Melanie Churella Johnson and Jenn Foster Hit No. 1 in Five Categories

Listen To This Article Melanie Churella Johnson and Jenn Foster of Elite Online Publishing release another No. 1 Bestseller on On the day of release, the “7 Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Publisher: Self Publishing Secrets That Will Save You Thousands” book started its upward movement towards best-seller status on and reached No.1 best-seller status […]

According to Ryan Murray, Marketing Matters

Business coach, public speaker, entrepreneur, and now Amazon bestselling author Ryan Murray has just released a new Kindle edition of his how-to book titled Start-up Marketing: Unconventional, Simple, Brilliant. Murray has taken top spots in the categories of Business Operations Research, Operations Research, and Small Business Sales and Selling. Murray’s book is intended to […]

Scott Nielsen – Forward Coaching

Scott D Nielsen is a life coach and business consultant who specializes in mentoring young professionals wanting to advance at their present jobs or seeking greener pastures. Nielsen also offers his wisdom and experience to small and medium-sized enterprises whom are searching for a better long-term vision for their organizations or simply wanting the recipe […]

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