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Spotlight on Modern Skills: Pioneering Social Group Therapy for Young Adults

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of effective social interaction cannot be overstated. Whether it’s in school, at work, or in personal relationships, the ability to communicate and connect with others is paramount. However, for many, mastering these skills can be a daunting task. Enter Modern Skills, a beacon of hope for those seeking to […]

Building a Legacy: Les O’Hara Inspires and Empowers Construction Professionals

In the dynamic world of construction, where challenges and complexities are the norm, it takes a special individual to inspire and empower others. Les O’Hara, a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and youth and high school football coach, is one such person making a tremendous impact on the lives of construction professionals. Through his remarkable journey […]

Embodied Leadership: The crucial, non-negotiable piece of professional facilitation.

In this era of failing leadership, how can practitioners guide their patients/clients with integrity and genuine care while also not succumbing to current fades and trends that on the surface appear pro-the-people, yet underneath are causing more harm than good? Understanding how embodied leadership—leadership that reflects the culmination of who we are rather than just […]

Empowering Seniors: Krav Maga for Fitness and Confidence

As people approach their golden years, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize their physical well-being and engage in activities that promote strength, balance, and confidence. Chozen Martial Arts Academy in La Verne, CA is helping seniors in all of those areas through its Senior Krav Maga & Fitness program. Although Krav Maga was originally developed […]

How Project Lifesaver Became a Lifeline for Millions

In the quiet corridors of a police department in Virginia, Chief Gene Saunders sparked an idea that would grow into a beacon of hope for countless families. Project Lifesaver, born from a dire need to address the challenges faced by individuals with cognitive disorders, has since become a lifeline for thousands. From Personal Challenge to […]

New Book by Pat Hancock Titled Real Deal Estate on Amazon Flash Sale

Pat Hancock’s new book titled “Real Deal Estate: No Sh*t Success Tips for Real Estate Agents” Kindle version is on special flash sale this week. Pat Hancock, a seasoned real estate professional, brings his unparalleled experience and insights to the table with his new book, “Real Deal Estate: No Sh*t Success Tips for Real Estate […]

Revolutionary FIR Infused Glass: Saving Money and Enhancing Food Preservation and Health

Innovative Far Infrared (FIR) Infused glass, known as Herbie™, is revolutionizing food preservation, leading to significant cost savings and improved health benefits. In a world where innovation drives progress, one groundbreaking technology has emerged as a game-changer across a multitude of industries. Herbie™, the Far Infrared (FIR) disk, has captured the hearts and minds of […]

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