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Real Estate Investment Guru Reed Goossens is now an Amazon Bestselling Author

Savvy real estate investor, public speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Reed Goossens now has a new feather on his cap. Reed’s recently launched real estate investment guidebook has just become an international bestseller in America and Canada. The book titled “Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate” is also the current Amazon […]

Taking Cleaning to the Next Level

Everyone has a duty of care to save our environment and our planet and CICS.Ltd has made that commitment for families, corporations and communities. For over 10 years CICS Ltd. has offered top quality cleaning services predominantly in the UK but will soon be expanding into Canada, USA, New Zealand and the EU. They specialize in commercial cleaning, […]

Shift the Mindset in Your Business: Selling with a Purpose

Dario Cucci, is an international Speaker, Bestselling Author and Serve & Sell Coach to Professionals on a global scale. He has discovered that many Professionals, Experts & Coaches struggle to get repeat business, due to their Mindset, Communication Skills & Business Strategies in place, to support their growth. Therefore, he created a wraparound service to […]

Importance of business listing services for your business you never knew about

Consumers are always searching for businesses online to get important information about them. There are various things that can help them in this regard including social media platforms, review sites, and online directories, etc. However, business listing services matter a lot when you are trying to get ranked on search engines, to attract customers, and […]

Michele Vismaya Rubin And C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S Mentoring Creates Change! Named Amazon #1 Bestseller

C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S Mentoring Creates Change!, is a collection of stories designed to help young women increase their self-esteem that was born out of Diana Aldereguia’s Memories in a Mansion Leadership Academy (MIMLA). C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. has been named an Amazon #1 bestseller in 16 categories including: Politics & Social Sciences, Women’s Studies, Women Writers, Women’s History, Feminist Theory, […]

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