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9 Ways to Stick With Your Resolutions

Here we are, just a few months into the New Year. How are those resolutions looking? Ugh. That word. Resolution. Anyone else out there feel pressured to create grandiose, public declarations of change each year? It can be exasperating. And if someone catches you not living up to yours within the first nanosecond, you feel […]

6 Must Read Books for Professional Development in 2021

Like many people, maybe you committed to reading more this year and you’re wondering what books would be worth your time. You might be a bit like me with stacks of books piling up around you that you’re eager to read and you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start. Or maybe you […]

Klen App: 4 Shifts in Consumer Behavior That Could Long Outlast the Pandemic

4 Shifts in Consumer Behavior That Could Long Outlast the Pandemic At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S., restrictions, supply chain disruptions and health concerns pushed consumers to change how they shopped, worked, traveled, ate, learned and interacted with one another. Nearly a year on, as consumers have tried new products and services […]

Grant Barlow Answers 7 Things You Must Know Before Waterproofing Your Deck

Grant Barlow is the World’s Leading Authority on waterproof decking and he gets asked a lot of questions about waterproofing decks and pools surfaces. In this interview, Grant answers the 7 Things You Must Know Before You Waterproof Your Decking or Pool Area. To get your free Design Kit of samples, go to to […]

MT2 Firing Range Services Taught Webinar for the NRA Titled: “Critical Shooting Range Operational and Waste Management Requirements.”

The NRA is committed to providing assistance to its affiliated clubs and ranges across the country. The NRA Clubs & Associations Department provides services and assistance to a network of over 15,000 NRA affiliated clubs, associations, and businesses. Through their NRA Explore program, shooting ranges can learn from one-hour webinar sessions that will provide information on how […]

Interview with Matthew Unger, Managing Director & Senior Advisor of Focus Asset Management

Focus Asset Management Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Matthew Unger Discusses His Approach to Helping His Clients with Financial Planning and Wealth Management During the interview, Matthew discusses how Focus Asset Management takes a different approach than many financial planning and asset management organizations with several key factors: 1) he is truly an independent fee-only […]

MT2 Firing Range Services Announces “The Range Guru” for Firing Range Owners

As part of their Firing Range Safety and Lead Management Thought Leadership Series for Law Enforcement, Military, Municipal, and Private gun ranges, MT2 Firing Range Services has launched “The Range Guru”. This learning portal is focused on helping shooting range owners and managers who face the problem of understanding the complex compliance requirements of lead management as […]

Mistie Layne Nominated for “Celebrate You” Wellness Woman of the Year 2020

  Mistie Layne is an award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author, Life Shifter Coach, and a full-time medical professional who practices Nuclear Medicine. Her message is raw and real. “I was a Texas beauty queen at the brink of becoming a surgeon to facing a 40-year prison sentence for killing someone behind a horrific cocaine addiction,” said […]

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