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Clifton C. Maclin JR. Speaks at Harvard Business Expert Forum

Clifton C. Maclin, JR.  CEO of Maclin International, Inc. along with 70 other Business experts from around the world spoke from the main stage of the Harvard Faculty Club. On Dec 5th, 2015.  Pictured here with Jonathan Goldsmith the actor who portray’s “The Most Interesting Man In The World”.  To find out more about Clifton […]

Kathryn Samuels Instructs Clients With Love, for a Balanced Life, Mind, Body and Spirit

Kathryn Samuels helps and instructs her client Myra.  Kathryn K. Samuels is a fitness professional who believes in total wellness – a balanced life addressing mind, body and spirit. She believes that total wellness is achieved through healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction, meditation and reflection. Her methods create a positive attitude towards life and produces […]

Rich Casanova Turns Pro Business Channel into Holy Grail of Content Creation

Rich Casanova is taking advantage of a vacuum in the content creation market by creating the PBS of radio at Pro Business Channel in Buckhead Atlanta. His studio is “strictly business”, not leaning to the left or the right. Guests have the chance to come to the studio, talk about their business and leave with […]

Shawne Dupeorn Teaches Crisis Video Training

Shawne Dupeorn a 6x Emmy award winning TV reporter and producer takes a student through crisis video training.  Business owners and entrepreneurs need to be ready to answer to the media if they face a crisis in their business.  During Media Mastery Training in Detroit, Michigan. November 5th, 2015.  Shawne also is the founder of […]

Jason Womack, Age-Group Triathlete

Jason Womack, Age-Group Triathlete, finishing second place in the Santa Barbara Sprint Distance Triathlon, Aug. 21st, 2015, in Santa Barbara, CA. Triathlon has been a part of his life ever since he started traveling 150 days and 100,000 miles a year for his work. Wherever he he, he can go out for a run. Having […]

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