Carlos Diaz-Sampol Of CADISA Brings The 3 C’s To Property Management In Miami

The business of HOA condo management in Miami can be viewed, not only as highly competitive, but also bears the task of overcoming bad press that many unethical property management companies can bring to the industry as a whole. CADISA Inc., of Miami is diligently working to change the way condo HOA management companies are viewed by owners, residents and their Board of Directors.

Carlos Diaz-Sampol, the co-founder of CADISA brings his personal management style to the condo communities of Miami using his 3 C’s approach: Communication, Cooperation, and Community to create a higher level of trust and assurance bringing peace of mind to owners and residents alike. Many condo owners in Miami do not live in the area while a large number of residents are “seasonal” and that’s why it’s important to focus on bringing trust and ethics to the management mix.

The first of their 3 C’s is vital Communication between management, residents and Board of Directors. “Mismanagement of funds can be devastating to a community and we at CADISA strive to be positioned as one of the most honest and ethical property management companies in Miami. We have a commitment to accounting transparency and timely reporting that is nearly unheard of in the industry,” says Carlos.

Loyalty to residents and their needs is also an important communication service at CADISA. Many residents can feel that they may have no one to be their advocate within the association – that their needs can get lost in the shuffle of higher management responsibilities. But according to Carlos, “We at CADISA are the voice of the residents as well as the Board and Association. We make everyone feel important.” Carlos goes on to say, “It may be basic, but we take pride in being able to communicate and interact with a variety of people and personalities as well as being responsive and returning phone calls.”

The second of CADISA’s 3 C’s is Cooperation. Property management consists of a great balancing act of seeing other peoples’ perspectives, to hear what they are saying, and to solve problems as a team effort. “We are deeply entrenched in the management culture of each of our properties. By attending every board meeting and resident meeting we become proactive and have our resources ready before a potential problem arises,” explains Carlos, “this kind of cooperation helps our team of accountants, attorneys, vendors and even our local agencies have a more clearly defined role in acting or responding to situations that may materialize.”

CADISA’s third challenge to embrace is building a sense of Community within their high-rise condominiums that grace the skyline of beautiful Miami. Taking the time to truly understand daily life in the communities and buildings they serve is the mark of the excellent property managers at CADISA. The company is known for really listening to the residents and Boards, so they can customize their full-service association management solutions to exactly what each community needs. “We feel that building a sense of community is very important because we want the residents to feel like they live in the best place in the world,” explains Carlos. Condo HOA management in Miami can be a bit of a challenge with so many owners and residents maintaining seasonal living to escape harsh winters abroad. To foster this goal of community, CADISA has identified the barriers and found solutions to this particular condo living situation. Carlos goes on to say, “Since we can have so many transient residents in our market we had to be creative in building a sense of pride and belonging for the community and to realize a community vision.”

To CADISA an excellent reputation means everything, but it comes about quite naturally by engaging in their 3 C’s management style. Good communication and cooperation are vital components because many management problems can come about through lack of communication or lack of cooperation – especially since being proactive can mean the difference of saving boards thousands of dollars. Building a sense of community, as explained by Carlos Diaz-Sampol and his team, is also important for the residents because it means that no matter when they come to stay it should be like coming home and home should always feel like the best place in the world.

If you want your Miami residents to feel like they live in the best place in the world and to learn more about the difference CADISA, Inc., property management can make with your property or HOA management, please visit or email Carlos Diaz-Sampol at