Captivating Clients With Electrifying Webinars

Captivating clients with electrifying online seminars, expert Russ Ruffino helps businesses establish sales authority to accomplish high-ticket sales with online seminars. While seminars are nothing out of the ordinary, new technology has made seminar presentations over the web a great way to connect with prospects and clients. With the mixing of web and seminars, known now as webinars, businesses and individuals have new options for reaching across the globe and delivering an effective marketing message on a personal basis.

In fact, webinars have become at least some peoples preferred means of contact. Providing a platform capable of producing sales for services and products costing as much as $10,000, Russ Ruffino is known as the expert when it comes to creating webinars for high-ticket sales in this range. Located in California, Russ Ruffino’s business spans across the world as one of the top companies for marketing in a unique, fast-paced, and compact presentation style. Without having to research blogs, social media and the vast webs, clients can learn to deliver a spellbinding webinar to prospects making high-ticket sales with little to no previous contact. “The webinars are structured using a step-by-step program that anyone can learn and leaves you with the Rolls-Royce of webinars,” states Russ Ruffino.

“The magic is in the structure; we’ve discovered the recipe for a perfect seminar, it is entertaining and establishes your authority to make high ticket sales while creating instant rapport with your audience.” He adds, “A flawless webinar has the power to bring in high price sales and leaves the audience more informed and better off. (Our goal for) every webinar is to have average revenue of $200 to $500 per person who attends.” Ruffino concludes, “This product generates instant clients, at the price they want, when they want.”

He adds, “By developing the perfect webinar, businesses can do all the work of social media advertising in one concise marketing strategy.“ It appears that webinars have the potential to become a staple in many consultants and high-ticket businesses marketing repertoire. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself registering for a webinar in the near future. With the new technologies in place, tested and taking off, the expected growth of webinars is amazing. Many industries, including public services are beginning to use webinars as a means of communication.

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