Candace George Conradi, Author And Speaker, Launches Writers Inner Circle

Bestselling author and influential writer Candace George Conradi has loved the art of storytelling since childhood and published her first book in 2006. She became an Amazon bestselling author in 2012 and in 2013 established herself as a writing coach. As a result of her experiences, beginning with the first draft of her first book to her more recent decision to become a writing coach, Conradi has established a much needed writer’s community, Writers Inner Circle, as an online community to be open late 2014, early 2015.

Conradi is aware that writers, out of necessity, often lead isolated lives. But in order to maintain a creative edge, writers also need constructive feedback and a familiar community they can trust. From the joys of creating, to the discipline it takes, to the pitfalls she faced, she personally experienced the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” as a new author. Her admiration and compassion for other authors experiencing the same roller coaster ride fueled her desire to offer a “hands up” outreach through her coaching and eventually, through the Writers Inner Circle.

“It is being built and designed as an online writers’ virtual village where relationships can be built and nurtured and where trusted professionals are available for each next step of an author’s work,” Conradi explained. “My forte is working with people who have a passion for writing and who have definitive goals regarding their work.”

Her coaching style helps writers break through creative blocks and to trust their own voice. Using effective exercises (some traditional and others designed by Candace) she guides writers to trust their message so they feel confident in their craft.  She offers four eight-week writer’s programs a year taking writers on a journey through their own creative process while at the same time working with them on their story or material.

“My approach is twofold: helping authors break through creative blocks and fears while at the same time working with them on their story and offering invaluable feedback on their material,” Conradi explained. “The online Writers Inner Circle community is being built on her effective coaching techniques and more importantly on trust. Currently, Conradi provides safe and protected access for writers to others in their field, professionals who can help get them to the next level. She also provides information to authors about publishing options once that magical pinnacle is reached. Conradi added, “If they (authors) are interested in marketing, getting an agent, and/or submitting their work, I have access to a large network of professionals that can help them start that process as well.”

Conradi has the benefit of her classroom experience as a writing coach. She discovered her talent for inspiring and moving authors to the next step and has wonderful testimonials to share with those wishing to speak with her. Having gone through the coaching process herself, she realizes the value of providing trusted resources for authors who take their work seriously and wish to eventually publish.

“There is an incredible value in working with people who have experience in the field of writing and have gone through the process of publishing a book,” Conradi, who used a writing coach herself, told us. “I have a lot of personal experience in helping people anchor to what is important to them, to trust their instinct to write, and ways to access people they can trust. Like all professions, it is important to work with professionals who will not take advantage of you.”

Lastly, Conradi believes the main misconception authors have about the process of writing is that there are specific protocols that are absolute.

“Some writers believe they should be able to sit down and write their story based on a protocol or rules,” she said. “It’s a mistaken belief that causes many authors to abandon their work and give up on their writing. If they could just stop thinking about it and allow their natural instinct to move the story forward, the story will write itself. For an author, the very first step is to get the story out, and after that there is a lot of technical help available to refine it. The idea is to just write the imperfect version first. That is the true magic of storytelling.” Conradi offers a complimentary personalized and exclusive Writer’s Assessment to interested writers.

For more information about the upcoming Writers Inner Circle online community or how to receive your exclusive and confidential Writing Assessment contact Candace George Conradi through her official website at


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