Calgary Pizza Don, Justin Richter, Reveals Secrets To Successful Pizza Catering

Justin Richter helps defray the silly connotations of pizza catering in Calgary. No longer is it these little men with arms full of pizza boxes that are soggy on the bottom and when you take the pizza out you peal off a little bit of the pizza box.

Actually according to Justin “Pizza catering… it’s actually becoming very mainstream and it doesn’t… no longer holds the stigma that it must be greasy, or cold, and soggy.”

Now pizza can and should be prepared to order. With not only fresh, but also exotic toppings available. The pizza connoisseur can have at least 5 or 6 different crusts. Several different cheeses, white sauce, tomato sauce and a vast array of herbs and spices.

Putting the total number of possible combinations of the different pizza combination into the stratosphere. Where on a simple menu you can have 20+ veggies and fruits, 13+ meats and seafood, not to mention 7+ varieties of cheeses. Then throw in the different basic crusts. Very simplistically (no where near accurate) giving a minimum of 20x13x7x4=7280 possible combinations of pizza. And the herbs, spices and sauces have not been taken into account.

It’s scary!

As popularized by Ellen DeGeneres in treating the actors and actresses at the Academy Awards this year! Becoming more prominent at wedding rehearsals. Even times as the main course of the wedding dinner. Not to mention movie shoots, different on-location scouting events such as when a new subdivision is being opened up. With pizza catering becoming more and more popular, an erroneous piece of advise has surfaced – that it is better to error on ordering too much than too little. Now this is true to a certain degree, but far too often people end up with leftovers for the next couple of weeks. Not to mention spending more than they needed.

Justin Richter explains the easiest and most effective manner to prevent, not only this mistake but others as well, is to ask questions of your caterer when ordering. Discuss exactly what you are needing and what is expected of your caterer.

Although what appears to be common sense to most people tends to be messed up the most. That of:

  • The purpose or reason of your function
  • The number of guests you are planning to feed
  • The date of your function
  • Any dietary issues that have to be addressed
  • And your budget

These are the five basic rules which tend to be taken for granted. That everyone is to know the answers to. But for some reason they never get communicated properly. As pointed out by Ramin Setoodah, Film Editor, Variety, New York stated on his review of Ellen DeGeneres at the Academy Awards Even though the success or failure of the Oscars usually lie on the host’s shoulders. “Her decision to feed the actors with a surprise pizza delivery wasn’t just a slapstick gag, although the hit worked on that level. It was also a useful bribe to get the crowd on her side.”

In summary, plan ahead. Plan your catering to compliment both your guests and the event. If you are not certain, ask your caterer for suggestions.

Ideally the more time the better. Your event location will generally determine the lead time. As good locations get booked well in advance, contact your caterer as soon as you book your location.

Remember your caterer also has other events booked besides yours. If it is your own location most caterers will require at least a days notice for the most simple of events. The more complex your menu and your requirements, the more time required.

Ensure your location offers enough place for the proper flow of your guests to obtain the food if it is buffet style, or to receive their food if it is a table service event. Know where the food is being prepared. Is it close enough to ensure that the food isn’t getting cold or losing its quality or appeal between where it’s being cooked and where it’s being served.

Justin Richter and his staff at Bona Roma have kept a close and experienced eye on ensuring you get the freshest and hottest pies onto your guests’ table. With over 23 years in the pizza industry and 20 years with on-site baking, the list is endless. Tail gate parties, movie sets, staff/sales meetings, rodeos, sports games/practice, school functions, and band events.

“Absolutely and really how often do you get to see that, where it’s cooked right out in the front? You know that everyone is happy and hey… another feather in the cap of the party planner,” comments Richter.

“Allowing me to play with my guests as opposed to worrying about the food and how it’s being served” is a common response of many patrons.

For further questions of Justin Richter and pizza catering for your event you can contact him at Bona Roma (403) 247-3327 or check out their other catering resources at: