Businesses Struggling For More Sales Turn To Sandra Alexander of Salelynn Marketing For Proven Results

The rough economy, increased competition, coupled with consumers becoming more discerning with their dollars has negatively impacted many businesses. Many are struggling or have noticed a sharp decrease in revenue and have turned to the internet to help reverse this downward trend.

Duluth, Georgia based online marketing consultant Sandra Alexander, Salelynn Marketing, announced the launching of a new services designed to help businesses  optimize their online presence, gain more sales and stand out in their field by making them an authority.

Sandra Alexander has been in sales and marketing for nearly 20 years. She started out by working with and helping launch a national credit card program with one of the nation’s largest retail chains. She went on to work with various companies from medical records companies, to a fortune 500 fleet management company, and national insurance providers. Ms. Alexander has trained with such noted entrepreneurs as Billionaire Sara Blakely of Spanx fame.

Ms. Alexander,  an online marketing and authority marketing consultant is using her experience to help her clients use the internet to help them grow their businesses and create and optimize their internet presence.

78% of consumers look to the internet to research before they purchase any service or product according to a study by Pew internet & American Life Project. Today’s sophisticated and savvy consumer wants to deal with an expert, someone they can trust and feel others have trusted as well.

Ms. Alexander states “It’s no longer good enough to just be found on the internet, likely your competitors are there too. You must give the public a reason to pick you. You need to position yourself and your company as the “Go To” professional. You need to standout as the trusted authority in your industry. When you do this, it elevates you to expert status and establishes you as the obvious choice, the only sensible choice. Thereby, eliminating the competition. By branding a company or professional as the authority almost to “celebrity level” businesses gain new customers, increase sales, and often command higher prices for services and products. That is something we enjoy and look forward to helping our clients acheive”.

Wall Street Journal best seller, Chris Brogan mirrors Ms. Alexander’s statements when he explained, “a strong personal brand is a mix of reputation, trust, attention and execution. A personal brand gives you the ability to stand out in a sea of similar products. In essence you’re marketing yourself as something different than the rest of the pack.”

When asked to explain the service we were told that Salelynn Marketing’s new offer allows its clients the ability to stand out as the authority in their industry with Authority Marketing. Helping businesses and professionals get online exposure on various media sites such as NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and many other media sites. They also use Social sites to help clients gain recognition and branding that years’ ago was nearly impossible for most local businesses. This enables that client to be able to use those designations on all their marketing material and website which also adds to the credibility of the professional and sets them apart from their peers.

We trust that 2014 will be better year for many of the nations business and professionals.

If you would like more information on Salelynn Marketing Authority Marketing program contact Sandra Alexander at 888-281-5450 or  or by visiting