Business Strategist Leslie Ann Cardinal Offers Five Ways For Businesses To Increase Their Credibility

Biz Smart Media congratulates Leslie Ann Cardinal, best-selling author featured in the new book, The Little Book of Big Marketing Ideas: Get More Customers, Increase Sales, and Make More Money, which reached number one on the Amazon Best Seller lists in the Kindle store categories of E-Commerce, Web Marketing, Direct Marketing, Computers & Technology and High Tech Businesses, as well in the Amazon book categories of Business & Management, Direct Marketing, and Web Marketing.

In this best-selling book, Leslie Ann Cardinal, Business Strategist and Coach, explores five proven ways a business can increase its visibility and credibility in its local area. Cardinal notes, “One of the most powerful marketing resources you can use to grow your business is right in your local area. Online marketing tools and social media are great. But it is a mistake to rely only these online methods. You will find a wealth of great people and resources and opportunities right where you are. There are simple yet powerful ways to tap into this gold mine to supercharge your business marketing results.”

Leslie Ann Cardinal is an expert in the areas of small business development, marketing, creative problem solving, and leadership. She draws on her background in engineering and adult education, her experience in both the corporate and small business worlds, as well as her intuitive coaching style to guide entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth and to achieve breakthrough results.

Cardinal has more than 25 years of experience working with business owners and corporate leaders in a wide variety of organizations and industries. Her services include private and group coaching, VIP business planning intensives, mastermind group facilitation, as well as workshops and teleclasses.

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