Business Innovators Radio Welcomes Experienced Advisor and Women Empowerment Coach Kathy Alfaro

Business coach and women empowerment guru Kathy Alfaro was present as the guest on one of the recent episodes of Business Innovators Radio. The popular radio show hosted by Alicia Dibrell features industry innovators and trendsetters from different fields. In this episode of the show, Kathy discussed her roles as a business coach, and how she helps them overcome fear to achieve their personal and business goals.  

Throughout her career, Kathy has worked successfully for many large corporations. However, as a mentor, she is primarily involved with the smaller businesses. Most of these small businesses, unfortunately, lack the resources to run the business in the most efficient manner. Utilizing her knowledge and proficiency of corporate support functions, Kathy offers suggestions to improve their business operations.

While working with the businesses run by women, Kathy has observed that these businesses operate in a particular manner. She feels that women, in general, are more conservative and less confident as business owners compared to their male counterparts. Kathy offers them the tools, knowledge, and resources that help them run just like a corporate structure.

During the interview, Kathy also mentioned that most of the smaller businesses suffer from a wrong conception about business finances, tax compliance, human resource and its compliance. “What I bring to the table is knowing and helping manage the core aspects of running a business. I assist with locating and managing the technology needed to leverage the time of a small business to have the same management power as a large corporation. When these systems are in place the time can now be spent on the heart of the business; growing and taking care of the customer experience,” she said.  

Kathy informs that her coaching technique is slightly different from many other coaches that focus mainly on how a certain task can be accomplished. She has a hands-on approach that is more about getting into the action of doing. After the action and practice, she discusses what was done, to ensure that the information sinks in. By following this methodology, Kathy is able to re-develop six-month long training programs and consolidate them to just two weeks. The accelerated learning techniques offer her clients a deeper understanding of what they did.

Business coaching sessions with Kathy Alfaro can be as short as less than an hour or as long as four weeks. Kathy mentions that many of her clients already have everything together, and need some quick strategies from her. On the other hand, some others come to her for creating larger changes in their business. This involves getting deeper into the core of the business and change certain ways in which it has been operating.

Before signing off, Kathy also shared a piece of advice for individuals looking to achieve exceptional personal or professional growth.  She said, “We tend to believe that we didn’t achieve something because… and our excuses start flowing. You know, we are the because. We are the thing standing in between us and the success that we’re trying to get to. So, if there’s one thing, that one piece of advice, it’s “ get out of your own way.”

Individuals and business owners looking to get in touch with Kathy may contact her via her website, Facebook, LinkedIn, or call her at (210) 628-9855