Business Innovators Radio Show Host Alicia Dibrell Interviews Certified Business Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer Anna D. Lichnowski

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Incite Media’s popular webcast, Business Innovators Radio Show, recently welcomed certified business leadership coach, speaker, and trainer Anna D. Lichnowski for a captivating interview with the show host, Alicia Dibrell. Popularly known as Coach Lich, Anna helps businesses and organizations develop the individual leadership potential of their collective human capital. Her unique value proposition is founded on the idea of standardized empowerment, and a firm belief that when adequately equipped, even the most average performing individuals can do extraordinary things to impact a business or organization.

During the interview, Coach Lich mentions that her working principle as a coach is contradictory to the widely accepted Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 Rule. Instead of reserving development for the 20% of individuals in ownership, executive-level, or managerial roles, she works towards creating environments and cultures where all employees, even in entry-level positions, can achieve success.

“I like to think that what I’m doing for these companies is making leadership, personal, and professional development part of the benefits package so that performance is optimized at every level,” Anna said.

As an entrepreneur herself, she recognizes the importance of fast-tracking this process to ensure overall sustainability for her clients. In today’s highly competitive business environment, time and money are the utmost priorities – both of which are directly impacted by the engagement and performance of companies’ employees. She utilizes self-awareness projects, group coaching sessions, performance exercises, role playing, masterminding, assessments, and many other tools and resources to help her clients multiply the effectiveness of each of their employees.

Coach Lich asserts that most individuals will not explore or challenge the bounds of their own potential as leaders without external support, and this is where their organizations have an opportunity to add value to them. According to her, development of these people and the overall growth of the organization go hand-in-hand.

“I start with the individuals because they have to be able to lead themselves first,” Anna explained. “They have to be able to grow beyond limiting beliefs, and every single performance issue in an organization boils down to a root [cause] in every individual somewhere.”

Anna also shared several other key aspects of her challenging, yet highly successful career during the interview. Individuals, businesses, and organizations looking for this type of sustainable growth may contact her for workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching sessions. Anna can be contacted via her website, or through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram (@CoachLich).

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Alicia Dibrell

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