Business Innovators Radio Hosts Strategic Real Estate Broker Christina Macro

Noted real estate professional Christina Macro was the esteemed guest in a recently aired episode of the widely-followed radio show Business Innovators Radio. During the interview with the show host Alicia Dibrell, Christina shared tons of useful information related to hassle-free buying and selling of homes.

Christina was born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and moved to Syracuse at a later stage of her life.  Interestingly, she started her professional career in the hotel industry as a waitress. However, Christina took just ten years to become a Regional Vice President of sales and marketing. Later on, she became a part of the dotcom bust, and found herself to be jobless at one point in time. This is when Christina decided to get her real estate license. Sixteen years down the line, she has built her reputation in the industry by assisting home buyers and sellers with proactive consultation that leads to stress-free real estate transactions.  

Christina currently operates in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, and has a broker’s license in all three jurisdictions. Over the years, Christina has acquired specialized skills in serving clients that are in two transactions at the same time. Working with these clients demands a strategic and methodical approach. Being a very systematic person by nature, Christina excels in orchestrating the big projects, breaking them down, and scaling them in a way that ensures no hiccups or stress.  

During the interview, Christina discussed the different intricate factors that a seller must consider before selling a property. According to her, these important factors include the reason for selling, timing of the sale, the condition of the property, and financial considerations related to the market.

Christina also feels that it is possible for a homeowner to sell his/her property without an agent. However, she mentions that the homeowners often fail to factor in all the essential variables in terms of pricing, positioning and settling on a home.  “Look, a seller might price their home, based on just the basic fundamental features of the house without considering things like days on the market, absorption, month’s supply, economic obsolescence. There’s the ratio of list to sales price ratio in the neighborhood. Then there’s absorption. There’s also positioning and in general, inventory. What about the condition and/or amount of the inventory in that marketplace? Also, overall average pricing within the price brackets for the community,” says Christina.

Some of the common misconceptions related to buying and selling of homes were also discussed during the show. Christina mentions that the first of those misconceptions is the idea that selling a home is easy. Another misconception, according to her, is that buying or selling a home is something one must do in his/her lifetime.

Christina also highlighted the costs involved in purchasing a house. “The buyer has to pay for things before settling to buy the house. The appraisal is an out of pocket expense, plus any inspections. The biggest part of the cost for the buyer is the lender fees and the down payment. The seller and the buyer usually end up paying around the same amount of closing costs, but for different reasons” she said.

Several other key factors related to selling and buying of homes were discussed in the interview. The entire episode with Christina Macro on Business Innovators Radio is available at: