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There are many variables that go into determining the selection of a law firm to represent you or your business. One of the key questions any person or business needs to consider is, “Should I go with a small or large law firm?” Many times the immediate reaction is to go with the larger firm. And why not? You see these firms on television, in print advertisements and on billboards along the road. They seem familiar.  However, unless you have an extremely complicated or large case, a small law firm may be a better fit for your legal needs.

In many cases a small law firm can provide equivalent representation as a large firm. There are also a number of benefits that a small firm can provide a client that go beyond what a large firm can offer.

In years past, large firms held a distinct advantage over smaller firms based solely on the size of their law library and the size of the staff that could be applied to research. Technology has greatly leveled the playing field in this area. Now there are numerous online libraries that a law firm can subscribe to. This advancement allows a small law firm to have access to much larger legal libraries and easier ways to access and search that information.

Smaller firms have always provided a distinct number of advantages for clients. These advantages remain today and continue to provide people seeking legal counsel with factors they should consider in making their selection.

One on the biggest benefits of working with a small firm is the individualized attention you will receive from the attorney. Generally, you will have the same person working with you throughout the duration of your case. This is not always the case with a larger firm, where you may have to deal with paralegals, junior partners and senior partners throughout the duration of your case. The personalized attention you receive from a single attorney allows the case to move forward more efficiently and in line with the strategy you set with the lawyer.

Clients in search of legal counsel also find that the costs of working with a smaller firm are generally much lower. Smaller firms generally do not have the overhead, staffing and advertising costs that larger firms do. This can save the client a significant amount of money. This is true, especially if a case takes time to run its course.

Smaller firms generally will also take smaller cases. This way you are a big fish in a small pond, rather than the other way around. A client will find it easier to build a relationship with the staff as well as the attorney.

There is no single answer to the question of selecting a large firm versus a small firm. Every case is unique, as is every client. A client should always seek the solution that is the best fit for them. Everyone in need of a lawyer should comparison shop, just as they would for anything else. Once all the factors of a case have been considered, it could very well be that a small law firm is the best solution to provide the legal services that are needed.

About Buffalo Attorney, Kyle Calabrese

Attorney Kyle Calabrese is an attorney, licensed in New York and based in Buffalo, NY. He was admitted to practice law in New York in 1994. He is the founder of The Law Office of Kyle Calabrese, Esq. and serves the Buffalo, New York and surrounding Western New York area.

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