Bryce Anderson-Former “SECRET AGENT” Shares 3 Simple Tips To Help Business Owners Escape The Marketing Shadows.

After 20 years of leading a secret life, Bryce decided to make a drastic change and step out from behind the curtains and tell his closest friends and family about a decision he’d kept hidden.

A secret so well guarded that when these same friends and family learned of his “other” life, they were shocked and unbelieving.

Some asked “When did you start doing that?”  “How long have you done this?”  “Why didn’t I know this long ago?”  Now, after all these years, Bryce decided to break his silence and tell his story so that others don’t make the same mistakes he did.

You see, Bryce was a “Secret Real Estate Agent!”  He kept his other job quiet-preferring to work with cold prospects he found from his marketing.  He never mentioned the subject when around his sphere of influence.  He never posted any market updates via email or on Facebook to keep those who knew him up to date on new developments in the area.

Since coming out from behind the shadows and sharing his thoughts and ideas with all he knows, he’s found 3 simple to use tips to help others who may feel nervous or apprehensive about letting others know you’re in “sales!”

First-Enjoy what you do!  If you’re not happy or find fulfillment in your job, then make a change.  That doesn’t necessarily mean quit.  It could mean get some more training and develop yourself.

It could mean find another way to use your skills and talents.  But if you continue doing what you’re doing, you’ll continue to get the same unhappy results and life you’re living today.

Second-Help your fiends, family and clients see that you enjoy helping people solve a problem.  If you’re in real estate, then let people see you working with a young couple to find and purchase their first home.  Let them see you working with a family that has outgrown their current home and is looking to sell and purchase something with a little more space.

When they see that you’re busy and that others view you as a reliable and professional service provider of your skills and services, then they’ll be more apt to remember you to their friends and family.

Third-Help others to position you as an industry authority or expert.  This can be a little unsettling for some.  Most people are apprehensive about telling friends and family-I’m an industry “BIG SHOT”!

But if others are saying you’re a great person to know, you’re their “secret resource”, the “Go To” person when they have a question or concern-then it’s 10X’s more successful.  Another even easier way to build your reputation is to show articles that position you as an expert or to show that you’ve written a book or industry report.

These third party authority builders will build your status not only in your industry, but with the people who’s opinions you value the most-your friends and family.

By implementing these three simple tips into your business life, you’ll find that you’re more happy in your work, your clients are more excited to work with you and your industry status and positioning will lead to more sales and a greater reward for all your hard work.