Bringing Clients – And Herself – Out Of Poverty And Into Financial Success

At age 22, just 4 months after incorporating her business, Amanda Goldman-Petri earned $10,000. Now – at the age of 23 – she’s a Marketing & Implementation Coach for entrepreneurs who want to change their circumstances and create a business and life by implementing ROI-based marketing strategies.

Her newest business venture, Coach with Amanda, provides real strategies that are proven to grow a business both online and off and that can clients can rely on at any point to bring in new clients and make them more money. She also assists clients in developing systems and a list of available resources to implement their new business strategies. In the end, she wants to help her clients build the more fulfilling and free life that comes with a more leveraged and profitable business.

“I love when people have that epiphany when working with me that they can change their circumstances if they challenge themselves, have the right strategies, and put the work in.” Goldman-Petri says. And a change in circumstances Goldman-Petri is experiencing herself now that her hard work is, quite literally paying off. “I get to provide a better life for my family than I had growing up. We were dirt poor. Like, slept on a mattress with no bed frame poor.” Her biological father was a drug addict, her step-father was abusive. “I wanted a better life for my son, and now I can give that to him (and to myself).”

Goldman-Petri’s clients are definitely seeing success as well. One client experienced her first 10k month just two months after entering Goldman-Petri’s 10K VA program. Another made a few adjustments to her website based on Goldman-Petri’s advice, and within an hour, she had a phone call and a sale.

It’s no wonder that Amanda’s clients learn how to work hard – she has been a hard-worker her whole life graduating as Valedictorian from her elementary, middle and high schools. She went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree at Johns Hopkins and graduated with honors in three majors. “I’m a total geek and a learning addict,” she says.

If there’s one thing that Amanda’s clients take from their work with her it’s the lesson that, strategic, committed hard work can entirely alter their lives. As Goldman-Petri says, “I allow for entrepreneurs to confidently take intentional steps forward each and every day to grow their business and change their circumstances.”

And Goldman-Petri leads the way with both her life and her work.

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