Brian M. Kramer, Muscle Building Expert, Says 97% of Body Building Advice is Wrong

Green Bay, WI, USA – March 15, 2014

Brian M. Kramer, founder of addresses how men can build a lean and muscular body much faster by first understanding how they train, how they eat and how they supplement all play an equal role. He coaches men how to experience synergistic results in their body by ensuring everything they do is in alignment to their ultimate fitness goal.

“You can’t believe how much of what most guys do every day actually works against them in achieving their fitness goals. Simply observe a guy performing something as basic as the bench press at your local gym and ask him 3 questions: what his goal is by doing that exercise, what he ate before his workout and what he plans to eat post workout, you will find 1, 2 or even 3 of those things are counterproductive to his end goal! That’s just crazy,” says Brian Kramer.

“It is simply not enough to just do Cross Fit or lift weights anymore while prescribing to healthy eating or something like the Paleo Diet. To get continuous results month after month, year after year, you need to stop doing things randomly. Even the guys who spend a lot of time in the gym.”

Gunnar Peterson, America’s most sought-after celebrity personal trainer echoes the importance of re-evaluating things based on the actual results that you get and the real ROI from your training, eating and supplementing.

He says, “If you’ve been at something for some time now—an eating plan, a workout—and aren’t seeing results, isn’t that a sign that you should try something different?”

This is about using a better plan or long term strategy to build your ultimate body. Many times it’s doing the exact of opposite of what society has been telling us.

When everything done is focused on one clear goal, results come faster. Look at building a body like building a house and following one blueprint. A house takes time, takes planning, requires a solid foundation and needs to be done in phases. There is nothing quick and easy about building a lasting healthy great body or lasting quality house.

“I went from feeling like a coat hanger to feeling fit and being excited about getting into the gym 5 days a week. People at my gym are surprised that he was able to transform my body in 5 months though Brian is 1,300 miles away in Green Bay, WI while I’m here in Sarasota, FL. I’m in better shape than when I was in high school,” said Matthew Peters, father of two and founder of Expert Video Empire.

Cyclist, father of one and Owner of Trek Bicycle Store of Chattanooga, TN, Tyler Klein explained how his physique changed by using a few of these strategies, “Brian kept me 100% focused on my goals and laid out a plan of what to eat and exactly when while detailing what to stop doing immediately. I’m am very busy running my own business, which was a huge concern for me because my free time is limited. He dialed in my training, provided detailed instructions and explained how everything tied in together so understood the “why” which was important to me.

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