Brent Allan Schools The World In Client Referrals And Recruitment

Having a great business model is only one part of a business owner’s ultimate success story. Without clients, there’s very little an entrepreneur can do to stand out and gain clients. Brent Allan of More Referrals More Clients ( has developed a strategy to help push business owners out of the doldrums of anonymity and into the fast lane of success.

As a business coach, published author, and paid speaker, Allan knows how to get people motivated. That ability is key to getting his worldwide clientele the results they want from the services he provides. “We help businesses stand out from the competition and making prospective clients love them, so they can attract more clients, get more referrals, and make more money,” Allan says.

More Referrals More Clients is not affiliated with any larger media, selling strategy or system, and that, Allan says, is an important part of his success. He helps clients create a custom approach for each client, helping them focus on individualized goals and devise specific methods of reaching them.

Because his success is tied with that of his clients and not an outside entity, tool, or strategy, Allan is able to swiftly adapt his approach as the client succeeds. This approach gives him the maneuverability to serve each client well, wherever they are in terms of their business’ development and growth. “My success is tied in with the success of my clients,” Allan says. “We work together, because they know that the only way I can have success is by helping them to achieve success.”

A leader in his field, Allan recently published a book outlining some of his business philosophies. That book brought Allan more recognition as it shot up in the rankings to be rated as a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in its subject area. This additional success comes as no surprise to his clients. They are the regular beneficiaries of Allan’s business acumen and skill.

“A client that I was working with personally had been in business for over 30 years,” Allan relates. “After implementing my strategies, his business had its biggest increase in sales it had seen in over a decade, and it happened during a down economy.” A dedicated, lifelong learner, Allan pursues any opportunity to keep his skills and education up-to-date. It’s important to him to provide his clients with the best possible business coach. That means, he needs to keep his mind in shape and his skills sharp.

“I continually grow and seek further education so my knowledge and expertise continues to grow as the business marketplace evolves,” Allan says. Speaking of staying sharp, in addition to providing coaching, strategy, and direction for his clients, Allan has a passion for mastering sideshow arts.  Sword swallowing, juggling, and fire eating, are all firmly in his wheelhouse, as he’s been a student of mastering such unique skills for over twenty years.

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