Born In The Jungle & Brewed In San Diego: Pure Project Brewing Launches

Pure Project Brewing, San Diego’s newest microbrewery launches this week, located at 9030 Kenamar Drive, #308, Miramar. Pure Project Brewing has had an interesting journey, from the jungles of Costa Rica to Beeramar in San Diego. Founded by husband and wife Jesse and Agi Pine and good friend Mat Robar, Pure Project was originally going to be located in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica but problems arose when looking for site locations that could support a water waste management system needed for running the operation.

“I was living in Costa Rica with my wife Agi and we had a hard time finding good beer that reminded us of home in San Diego. When we attended the countries 2nd annual craft beer festival we notice a craft beer movement that was picking up speed in the country. Along with our partner Mat Robar we decided to start brewing down in the jungle and put together the business plan for what ultimately became Pure Project here in San Diego” stated Pine.

The Pines who were living in Costa Rica at the time, packed up shop and headed back to San Diego to finalize a location with Robar; where they became the first tenant for H.G. Fenton’s Brewery Igniter program. The Igniter program provided the necessary equipment and raw space allowing Pure Project to open within 6 months upon entering the Miramar location, which is significantly faster than other microbreweries in the region.

The name Pure Project pays homage to both the purity of the ingredients and the beer it produces as well as the popular Costa Rican saying of PURA VIDA or PURE LIFE. Pure Project is launching with an ambitious 12 different varietals including; San Diego Style IPA, Double IPA, Stout, Porter, Kolsch and some unique offerings like:

Romeo & Julius – a cream ale designed to evoke flavors of orange cream soda, brewed with locally sourced organic valencia oranges from Lodge Family Farms and organic vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar.

La Vie En Rosé – A Costa Rican inspired recipe using a farmhouse style Saison, brewed with raw orange blossom honey from Mikolich Family Farms, organic hibiscus flowers from Burkina Faso and wild crafted grains of paradise from Morocco.

The brewmaster at Pure Project is Winslow Sawyer. Sawyer previously served as brewmaster at Boulder Creek Brewery in the Santa Cruz Mountains and has a history in barrel aging and sour beers, so be on the lookout for more to come. The Pure Project staff are actively connecting with local farmers in the region to brew with locally sourced organic ingredients with an eye on sustainability.

“There are a lot of great breweries in San Diego with some of the best brewmasters in the world, so first and foremost we are just humbled by all of the innovation that is happening here and stoked to be a part of it. Our goal is to be different and focus on bringing the consumer a holistic experience that tells the story of not only who we are as a company but also the ingredients, process and people involved to give context to the beer in your glass. In short we believe that details matter, and we are designing our brand to showcase that. From what goes into the beer, to the people, to the tasting room, details matter and we think you will be able to feel and taste the difference at Pure” added Robar.

Pure Project’s grand opening is January 30th, their location is 9030 Kenamar Dr #308 San Diego, Ca 92121. You can find more info at and be sure to check out the Founders Club while it is still available.