Bill Kopatich, Online Media Strategist, Develops a New Plan to Help Small Medical Practices

Bill Kopatich, Online Media Strategist and President of Charlotte, NC-based Local Marketing Solutions, addresses declining financial performance of solo and small medical practices with new strategies to help physicians, surgeons and other healthcare professionals.

“The difficulty of maintaining financial performance in small medical practices in the current environment have been widely reported”, said Bill Kopatich.  “At the same time, the effectiveness of traditional medical marketing tactics has been diminishing so new strategies are needed in 2014 and beyond to maximize the results of medical marketing and advertising to improve practice profitability.”

Dr. Ripley Hollister, Colorado Springs family physician and board member of the Physician’s Foundation echos Kopatich’s statement on the increasing threats to medical practitioners.

Dr. Hollister elaborated, “Many small practices don’t have a great strategy.  They’re hoping to survive, but the amount of uncertainty out there is huge.”

The new service offered by Local Marketing Solutions is focused on strategies that position physicians, surgeons and other healthcare providers as authorities in their professional fields and in their local areas.  Authority positioning is started with getting credible third parties such as local and national media talking about them as experts in their field.

The strategy develops and reinforces the medical provider client as the educator and advocate for patient success.  After the patient or prospective patient sees the healthcare professional as a source of valuable information and is caring about his or her results, the patient starts recognizing the healthcare provider client as the true expert.

The Local Marketing Solutions process delivers access to local and national media including online and print news and radio for interviews and articles featuring healthcare professionals as experts in their fields.  Additionally, unique strategies are developed for each client to position them as a celebrity in their field and make them the logical one to pick among the many choices available when prospective patients are trying to make a selection.