Best-selling Author Chuck Boyce Explains How To Publish With Authority

Chuck Boyce started his career in publishing when it was traditional, labor-intensive and expensive. He continues to work in publishing now that electronic media and publishing on demand are available as tools. He is the founder of Brandywine Executive Centers. He began to develop as an authority while working in book publishing during the early 1990s. He became a recognized authority from publishing books and working in publishing. He gives guidance to others on how to achieve this, as well.

His early experiences in traditional publishing, combined with his present-day knowledge of how to publish a book on demand led him to develop a presentation called “Publishing for Profit.” He was recently invited to appear on the television show “America’s Premiere Experts,” where other successful business book writers, Brian Tracy and Michael Gerber, joined him.

Chuck Boyce states that the main reason to publish books is to establish authority through differentiation. Experts in any field become authorities by publishing books. Knowledge is demonstrated in the form of a book that creates authority in a particular space. Additionally, he comments, there are three things necessary to become an authority, which are: (1) knowing more than your prospects, (2) being able to help them, and (3) being willing to help them.

According to Chuck Boyce, authorities are both educators and advocates for the people they serve. True authorities never claim to be experts. They are given that recognition from others. A book helps create that foundation of authority.

There are three C’s in the making of a successful book. They are content, concept and campaign. Most people create content over the course of their work efforts and in their lives. Chuck Boyce says that 70 to 80 percent of the content for a book usually already exists and just needs assembly and organization. It comes from presentations given, papers written, messages shared with others, blog posts, and notes made for oneself.

Another way to generate content for a book is to create a simple survey and ask people what they want to know about a subject with which the author is familiar. This forms the outline of the book when members of the potential audience tell the author what they want to learn. Then, use online searches to find more information and support regarding those topics. Chuck Boyce recommends writing the draft, getting it done, and then hiring a professional editor. The editor’s job is to make sure the book is technically correct while also maintaining the author’s voice.

Chuck Boyce’s expertise is in writing nonfiction “how-to” books for professional entrepreneurs. Two of his popular books are “Power Principles for Success” and “Dare to Begin.” Besides including his own original material in his books, he also uses interview techniques to include information from other experts in books such as, “Game Changers — How They’re Changing the Game and You Can Too!” and “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need.”

His latest book, “Authority Begins as an Author” is due out this spring.