Best-Selling Author, Allison Restagno, Brings Real Drama To Change Lives

This music teacher and author shares a different kind of music than one might expect from her award-winning music studio in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. Allison Restagno’s words orchestrate music for the soul with a sweet refrain and lasting impact born of dramatic passages in real lives. And this “music” is life changing.

She knows her music. Allison Restagno has been an accredited music teacher for over 25 years, a member of the Song Writer’s Association of Canada, Canadian Federal Music Teacher’s Association, and Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association, as well as a wife and home-schooling mother. As if that isn’t enough, she is also a best-selling Christian Author, International Christian Conference Planner, Motivational Speaker, and Organizer of special speaker/author events.

Now the music for which she is best known is not produced by musical instruments but inspired by Jesus Christ to use the power of words with dramatic true stories. Raised in a loving Christian family and knowing Christ from childhood, Allison is passionate about sharing the many miracles and confirmations of the Lord’s faithfulness in her life and powerful, first-hand accounts of others, so the sweet sounds of salvation, deliverance, peace and hope will become so undeniable, so real in the hearts and minds of her audience, that they will better comprehend and embrace the love of God and His saving grace, and will build or renew their faith.

Key sections in her orchestra include her two books with their contributors. “Modern-Day Miracles: 50 True Miracle Stories of Divine Encounters, Supernatural Healings, Heaven and Hell Experiences, and More,” published in 2011, is an international best-seller. “Modern-Day Salvation Encounters: 40 True Stories of Highly Dramatic, Incredibly Astonishing, Riveting, Salvation Conversion Testimonies,” currently under publication (December 2016), enjoys the same promise of success with pre-publication commitments for over 40,000 copies.

Each book is a compilation of intensely engrossing short stories in the contributors’ own words, telling of sudden, terrifying, deadly or crushing situations, seemingly unsurmountable odds, intense pain and grief of body and/or soul… and of miraculous rescues and healings, of restoration and new hope, of salvation and new life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Allison orchestrated these books to encourage, uplift and inspire her readers to salvation and victorious living.

She succeeded. The diverse, breath-taking and awe-inspiring accounts now ring in harmony. In Allison’s most recent book, the music plays out through a host of seemingly implausible instruments such as a former CIA/INTERPOL agent and assassin, a former UN Ambassador and Nobel Prize Laureate, multiple Olympic medalists, a former Guinness Record holder, an escapee from the regime of Saddam Hussein, a wounded warrior with legs blown off, a drug addict, victims of child abuse and domestic violence, and others. There are former atheists and agnostics, Pentecostals and Evangelicals, Catholics and Baptists, and every religious persuasion in between. Yet despite the disharmonic beginnings, each story has an authentic, positive “ending” of hope and a future.

Allison Restagno’s faith, devotion and sincerity are real, as vouched by author and speaker Bruce Van Natta, Founder of Sweet Bread Ministries. He has come to know Allison well since their first meeting some years ago, when Allison coordinated his appearance on a major Christian television show in Canada. Van Natta assures readers, “I can say after knowing her this long that she has a heart for God and for ministry. She is able to hear God speak clearly and communicate His heart and love for people.”

Global Goodwill Ambassador, World Distance Runner, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Stan Cottrell, also praises Allison, writing in the Foreword of her new book, “I applaud you, Allison….I believe this book will be a classic in Christian lore, sermon illustrations, Biblical counseling courses, and that it will also serve as a wonderful, non-religious but highly spiritual book, which is must reading for all who seek Truth.”

Audra Haney, writer and producer for The 700 Club, eagerly asserts: “I’m excited to applaud Allison for her relentless efforts to bring God’s amazing stories to the world in this format.”

Daniel Fazzina, Host of Divine Intervention Radio, reports, “Allison Restagno is a tenacious warrior for the kingdom of God.” 

Ever spurred onward to make more beautiful music for the Lord and in the hearts of man, in 2017 Allison will begin work on her third book. Throughout everything, Allison continues to remind her readers that no matter what your circumstances look like, God is on your side. He has a better plan for your life, and He will answer your prayers according to His perfect plans and timing. Just trust the Lord, believe and have faith.

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