Barbara Moxness – LPGA Golf Professional, Golf Instructor, Bestselling Author And Entrepreneur Interviewed On Business Innovators Radio

Barb Moxness is an LPGA and Legends Tour Golf Professional, and founder of Moxie Golf Academy, based in Rio Verde, Arizona. Moxness was recently interviewed by host Ken Sherman from Business Innovators Radio, talking about Moxie Golf Academy, the “Moxie Golf Process,” her best-selling books Golf From The Inside Out and Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox, and her philosophy of golf and life.

The Moxie Golf Process helps golfers rediscover their natural athletic ability — instead of focusing on swing mechanics — by offering simple, easy to learn solutions for golfers at all levels, experiencing obstacles in their golf game.
Moxness explained, “There are so many frustrated golfers in the golfing arena because they aren’t achieving the level of play they want. There are also many golfers who experience some form of YIPS in their golfing experience. From my personal playing and teaching experience I believe it is because we as golfers are trying to be perfect instead of using a process to play the game. Moxie Golf teaches a process you can manage without having to master perfection! This process accesses your natural abilities and makes the game of golf fun to play.”

Moxness continued, “I receive so many comments on my book Golf From The Inside Out. Everywhere I go, people tell me how much that book really helped to improve their game and to make golf fun again.” Her latest book offering, Lessons From The Teaching Tee, will be released in the fall of 2021. The highly awaited book brings together years of insight, knowledge and experience helping golfers be better; and not just in how to swing the club or to hit the ball. “The latest book is really a compilation of what students need to hear, and the mental and physical processes that work for them”.

She added, “I have great empathy for golfers as I watch them struggle to make perfect swings, yet they are not achieving success. But there is so much more to golf than a perfect swing! There is a process to enjoyment, freedom and success in all our golfing experiences and I’ve tried to teach others this process so they can get back to enjoying the game!”

Moxness is the best-selling author of Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox, an illustrated instruction book that covers the Moxie Golf philosophy and process. Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox explains how to “simply play simply” by focusing on how to use the golf club to hit great golf shots. It helps readers understand why different shots happen in their golf game and how to fix them. It also helps golfers become consistent in their ball striking by understanding the principles of a good impact position and explains principles of creating more power and distance. Golfers can gain an understanding of how to better control golf shots by practicing with the exercises in the book.

Dr. Claudia Carroll shared, “This is the best and most understandable golf book I’ve ever read. It has improved all aspects of my golf game remarkably. Connect the Dots is totally understandable and simplifies previous complicated techniques of golf. It is a book for all handicappers. It’s the only golf book you’ll ever need in your bag!”

She added, “Barb’s technique of explaining the game of golf is proven with hundreds of her students as well as people who have only read her book. I’m grateful to have found this invaluable golf book. Golf is indeed fun and rewarding again because of incorporating the sage instruction in Barb Moxness’ books, Golf From The Inside Out and Connect the Dots.”

The book is available in print online at: $19.95 US.
Barb’s next book, Lessons From The Teaching Tee, will be released in the fall of 2021.

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About Barb Moxness
Barb Moxness is a LPGA and Legends Tour Golf Professional, and founder of Moxie Golf Academy, based in Rio Verde, Arizona. Moxie Golf Academy offers instruction from two-day golf retreats to individual lessons for golfers of all levels. All instruction is based on the unique “Moxie Golf Process” created Moxness who has been named a Golf Digest “Top Teacher.”

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