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Brant Phillips – Private Mortgage Lending That Makes Sense

If you’ve watched any of the popular House Flipping shows on HGTV, then you know the pretty houses you see when a couple is shopping for their dream home didn’t start out so pretty. After binging on a few episodes, you might even think the recipe seems kind of simple. STEP 1: Find a property […]

Profit Coach Susie Carder – Why You Need A Business Plan

We’ve all heard that saying, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is especially true in business. Who has time to plan? For 90 percent of today’s entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s all about scraping by—just doing what it takes to survive day by day. Profit Coach Susie Carder knows this first […]

Jesse Itzler Is Fighting Comfort For Charity

Jesse Itzler has a list of accomplishments a mile long: He co-founded the private jet card company Marquis Jet, and engineered the coconut-water craze by partnering with Zico, which they then sold to Coca-Cola. He also owns the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and is married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely. No one achieves this type of […]

Dr. Jill Roberson – Pediatrician Using Smartphone Technology To Educate Parents

Dr Jill Roberson,  a physician practicing pediatrics in Southern Pines, North Carolina is taking advantage of smartphone technology by using QR Codes to give parents quick and easy access to her educational video series. Dr. Roberson has developed a series of educational videos ranging from subjects such as Newborn care, asthma education and Obesity prevention […]