Author Tom Evans Shares Unexpected Benefits To 10-Minute Meditation In Latest Book

Author and meditation guide, Tom Evans, reveals why meditating for just 10 minutes every day has many more benefits than merely being less stressed and more relaxed.

“I started meditating quite late in life, in my mid-40s, as I was in a highly stressful job. After overcoming my initial resistance, I quickly discovered many practical benefits came from treating myself to 10-20 minutes of Me Time each day,” says Tom.

My advice now to all parents is to get their kids meditating as young as possible. As Edith Bowman discovered, meditating while you are breast feeding calms both mother and baby at the same time.

Tom also found he got more done, and had a better day all round, on the days he meditated. The days he didn’t get around to meditating seemed to be more of a struggle. As an ex-BBC TV engineer, he started to research how and why this happened.

He discovered something obvious, but often ignored, about the normal human mind. We can only experience one thought at a time, so if we worry about the past or the future our attention drifts away from what we are working on right now. He also discovered how to get both halves of the brain working together, on the same thing, at the same time. This is called Whole Brain Thinking.

Tom explains, “Meditation isn’t about having no thoughts at all but about forming a different relationship with them. When we start the day meditating, we find it easier to stay in the zone for longer during the day. In short, we end up getting more done in less time. Any random thoughts that come our way tend to be ideas and inspirations that can help us on what we are working on.”

These days it is easy to experience the meditative state without having to leave the comfort of your own home. As Edith Bowman, DJ says, there are many apps around like Quility, Headspace and Insight Timer which are either free or inexpensive. In the short term, you become more relaxed. In the medium term, you become luckier and begin to attract good fortune into your life. In the long term, it is thought that you even end up living with better health for longer. With these benefits available, it’s a kind of madness not to meditate.

Tom says, “Just like planting a tree, the best time to start meditating is yesterday and the second best time is today.”

Tom’s latest book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness, comes with ten free guided meditations, each ten minutes long. After meditating for 10 minutes a day for just 10 days, you will discover a new and healthy addiction with nothing but positive side effects.

Tom Evans is the author of 13 books on creativity, the nature of consciousness and mindfulness. He is the host of the Zone Show, which explores how to get in and stay in the zone. He is also a philanthropist and his dream is to get the whole world meditating one person at a time.

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The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness: How to Improve Your Productivity, Creativity and Focus by Slowing Down for Just 10 Minutes a Day

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