Author Suzi Minor Takes Children On A Miraculous Journey In Her New Book, Nature’s Angels

Published this month by Carpenters Son Publishing, Suzi Minor’s new book,  “Nature’s Angels,” takes a close-up look at nature through the eyes of a grandfather and child as they walk through the pages of the book. Beautifully detailed illustrations accompany the rhythmic and rhymed verses depicting creations by angels in nature. The book is a fanciful look into the natural world while the boy and his grandfather enjoy the Nature Angels’ handiwork, from the Music Conductor of bird and cricket songs to the Moonlight Maker shining in the night sky or the Angel Gardner helping springtime seeds to grow. The boy imagines what Nature Angel he would like to be.

“Nature’s Angels” is geared for 4-8 year olds learning to appreciate nature, but it is also written for parents and grandparents to enjoy as they read aloud. Suzi Minor hopes it will help children pay more attention to the details around them in nature and to see themselves as caretakers and partakers of it. “I want to make children aware of nature’s importance and that they too are an integral part of shaping the landscape. We can all be Nature’s Angels in how we care for the earth,” Minor says.

While highlighting the imagination and curiosity of children as they explore, she also tries to dispel some of children’s fears in nature by showing an imaginative way to look at storms with “Thunder Announcer” and the “Lightning Striker.” Although this is Minor’s first children’s book, she has been writing for over ten years. She finds inspiration for her book and her writings in nature, and enjoys sharing her observations and thoughts with people of all ages.

The book is dedicated to her four grandchildren, written as a legacy for them. Minor says the best way to enjoy the story and nature is to “immerse yourself, and let the process take you on a journey.” Perhaps this is good advice for life, which is why her next book in the works is personal development nonfiction for adults. In her previous real-estate career, she helped people open doors to their new home, now she hopes that her writing will open doors for people through shared experiences and inspiration.

Suzi Minor’s new children’s book, “Nature’s Angels”, is designed to inspire readers to look at the world around them with fresh eyes and spark delightful discussions between people of all ages. “Nature’s Angels” is available in paperback for purchase through Amazon. For more information, visit: