Author Pat Price Shares Her “Journey to the Stage” – How She Started Her Career In Insurance

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Author Pat Price was recently interviewed on Optimal Health Radio about her participation in the new book, Journey to the Stage: Stepping Up and Stepping Out to Share Your Message. In Journey to the Stage, Price tells the unique story of how and why she decided on a career in insurance (and even became the first female in the life department at an insurance company).

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According to Price, one of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that they believe that their health insurance is enough. Only 2% of employees think they may be critically ill or disabled for more than three months, but in reality, over 25% of the workforce will be out of work due to a disability during their careers. When they are approached by their insurance agent about supplemental insurance, they think that it is too expensive and unnecessary. What they don’t realize is that supplemental insurance policies are relatively inexpensive, with some starting at as little as $20 a month. In many cases, they don’t even understand what supplemental insurance can do for them.  For example, in the case of a serious accident or critical illness, supplemental insurance can help keep the policyholder from depleting their savings, cashing in their 401K or running up credit cards to pay their medical bills and every day expenses.

It’s shocking to realize that two-thirds of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical expenses.  In fact, according to a Harvard study, 78% of the people filing bankruptcy had medical coverage. “A lot of the people think that, ‘It won’t happen to me,’ said Price. “The reality is that I hoped it wouldn’t happen to me so I purchased policies just in case because I have personally seen the devastation it can cause. That’s why I’m sharing my extensive knowledge about this topic.”

She added, “The coverage I sell provided for me financially when I had a serious accident and was in the hospital for months”. After her accident, it took nearly two years before Price was able to return to work, but her supplemental insurance helped to bridge the gap. Because of her experience, Price is committed to making a difference in the lives of others through properly covering them in the event of accident, illness or loss of life.

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About Pat Price

Pat Price is a best-selling author and certified professional speaker. She helps employers attract and retain employees. As an employee benefit specialist, Price represents different insurance companies and strives to offer employers the best plans for their employees based on their individual needs. She works directly with clients and often become an extension of their HR Department. Benefits by Price has been helping employers help their employees for over 30 years.

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