Author P.M. Weekes Hits Top of Amazon Charts with A Mix of Two Worlds and Celebrates by Releasing a Free Copy Through Her Website

P.M. Weekes has over the past few years been on a mission to promote preventative health, and to encourage others to be more proactive with their health. She believes that being proactive with one’s health makes it easier to attain optimum health. To this end, she has been helping others to find ways to achieve optimum health by using natural remedies and natural modalities.

A Mix of Two Worlds: Nature’s Best from the East and the West for Optimum Health encourages readers to return to nature and find ways to optimize health and wellness.  Drawing on natural health alternatives from both Eastern and Western cultures, Ms. Weekes explores the genesis of natural remedies and natural health techniques. She also shares how we can benefit should we choose to integrate these natural alternatives into our daily lives. For a limited time, visitors to her website can download a free copy of her book.

A Mix of Two Worlds is a treasure trove of back-to-basic natural health remedies and techniques that can be used by everyone. If you are looking to start on a natural health journey, or wishing to explore various natural health alternatives, then this is the book for you!

For a limited time, visitors to the website can claim a free downloadable copy of A Mix of Two Worlds, a $32 value.  For more information, visit the website.

About P.M. Weekes:  P. M. Weekes has a passion for helping others and using natural alternatives. Her love for natural remedies was forged at a young age where she had firsthand experiences using and seeing how natural remedies were made. It was at this time, that she discovered how herbs were harvested and blended to produce potent and effective remedies. It has been her desire to share her knowledge as well as to preserve and promote alternatives approaches to health and wellness. She is a strong believer that prevention is better than a cure and hopes that everyone will eventually come to that same realization.