Atlanta Broker Shelly Gee CEO Of Springboard International Realty Inc. (SIR) Helps International Clients Find The Right American Properties

With over two decades of Real Estate experience in luxury properties from New York City to Atlanta, Shelly Gee has an innate understanding of the real estate needs of a global clientele. Her company, Springboard International Realty, Inc. (SIR), specializes in Residential, Commercial and Investment Real Estate transactions. Her client base and affiliates are positioned in Central America, Africa, and Asia. Gee recalls, “In 1989, I started my career in the Executive offices at Sotheby’s International Realty as the Administrative Assistant to Kathryn Korte, the present CEO. I was quickly promoted to Referral Director after playing a key role in re-designing the referral system of Sotheby’s offices and Global affiliates when I uncovered millions in untapped referral business.”

Born in Jamaica, as a girl Shelly Gee was fascinated with pictures of people and buildings in New York City. Once she was old enough, living and working in New York was her first stop once she came to the U.S. She got a job at Sotheby’s because of its prestige. She started out in an entry level position; but quickly transitioned to becoming a Sales Associate, focusing on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Being the youngest and only African American Sales Associate at the time, it did not take her long to learn the business by watching the best industry leaders. She received her Broker’s license in 1992 and she’s been an Entrepreneur ever since.

According to realtor rating site,, Shelly Gee, “Has a history of effectively pricing her clients’ homes for sale and for delivering sales at values close to their asking prices.” On the site, she’s listed as a Luxury Market Specialist, “…with significant experience brokering transactions involving highly valued properties.”

Client James Okoy says, “Shelly’s personality is simply ‘dynamic’. Two years ago I told her my investment goals, she guided me and structured each deal with excellent negotiation skills. A dozen properties later, I’ve retired, now I’m enjoying great ROI and life!”

Michael and Patience Adler, Clients of Gee explain how much it meant to them to have someone who understood the challenges of buying and selling property while they were living outside of the U.S. “A referral to Shelly meant having a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional on my team. Living outside the US, I felt at ease knowing that she was attentive and conducted business on my behalf as if she was doing it for herself.”

Recently, Gee has taken steps to create a new direction for Springboard International Realty, Inc. (SIR), creating a global referral platform for high-end luxury properties across the United States and abroad. Gee hopes to form a global online office forging alliances and strategic partnerships where partners will have access to the best in the marketplace. She hopes to launch the new platform in late 2014.

Contact Springboard International Realty Inc. at: P.O. Box 52916, Atlanta, GA,30355. For more information about Shelly Gee please visit her LinkedIn page at: http:/ Visit Shelly Gee’s website at: